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    Hi thomastaihei,

    Thank you for taking the time to write a review.

    Developing and supporting free plugins require a significant investment of both money and time. While we understand that it might be disappointing to find that certain standard features have been removed, we made this decision after investing considerable effort into enhancing them. These features are now available exclusively in the PRO version.

    If you prefer to continue using the older version of the plugin, you can easily do so by downloading an earlier version that still includes some of the features that have been removed.

    In any case, we think that even though some of the features are not free anymore, there are overall more benefits than downsides. Here are a few details about the new features and fixes in the free version of reGenerate Thumbnails Advanced:

    • Statistics at the end of the regeneration
    • Progress bar with % indicator
    • Thumbnail sizes are added next to each thumbnail (just the name before)
    • Compatibility up to PHP 8.3
    • WebP files regeneration
    • With shift + select you can now select multiple thumbnails
    • Skip files that are not processed instead of displaying an error (for PDF, SVG, etc.)

    And reGenerate Thumbnails Advanced PRO also offers these new features:

    • WP-CLI support
    • Custom date selection

    Thank you for your understanding and support!


    developing and supporting free plugins is a significant investment, however this plugin is no longer free.

    As I said, if you wanted a pro version to compensate your investment you should make the so called “new features” as available on PRO purchases.
    However this is not the case here, you converted the free features to PRO version only. Embarassing.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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