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  • This plugin is made according to PayPal’s ideas – not yours as a shop owner. The authors of this plugin do everything to please their masters (i.e. PayPal).

    This plugin will deliberately deactivate your standard WooCommerce PayPal payment gateway permanently in favour of PayPal Plus, so they’ll earn a higher commission.

    Their 2.0 “update” adds insult to injury, as it auto-enables PayPal Express on top. Yeah, they “fixed” in with hotfix 2.0.1. *hooray*

    Whether they bothered to fix the initial issue – I don’t know, none of them cared to tell me, it was more important to “do away with the open issue”. Oh, well…

    Some of the most irresponsible software design, I’ve seen so far – in an area, where it really matters financially. Should you chose to complain, they’ll tell you, they were “simply doing what their client told them to do”.

    These people are not trustworthy at all and I’m really starting to wonder about PayPal too.

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  • Plugin Support Alex Frison


    @theinternalthe first of all, thanks for your feedback and we apologize for the irritation.

    Second, we don’t get any commission for each sale or whatsoever. We get a fixed amount per month for maintenance and support. That’s all. We never intended to upset the users, nor did PayPal.

    With the new version, it won’t deactivate any other payment gateways and also not auto activate PayPal Express.

    We heard the complains and told our client to deactivate such function. Which they agreed and the change came along with a big update in Version 2, which took a little bit more time, since we had to implement the Express Checkout function.

    So if you like, try the newest version and you won’t see anything like this. Also won’t see something like this in the future, since we do really care of the users and trust they have in our work.

    In conclusion, your warning is not valid anymore. We would really appreciate if you would change your review.

    Thanks a lot and have a great weekend!

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    @seville76 I never claimed your company was getting additional commissions – PayPal does for every PLUS transaction as those are more expensive for the seller.

    A few minutes ago I was feeble enough to follow your advice and install the current 2.0.2 version of the plugin. Stupid me!

    It still (!!! even a month after a release that allegedly “fixed” all the issues) removes the PayPal Express payment gateway I’m using through a plugin made by a competing company from the standard WooCommerce payment selection presented to my customers during checkout AND it leads to a new visual bug, where the the PayPal Express payment button generated by the PayPal Express plugin of my choice, now gets duplicated.

    I have tried your “fixed” 2.0.2 version of the plugin and it still s*cks. In conclusion, my warning is more valid than ever – no, to be honest, I’d give an even lower rating than previously if I could.

    BTW: V.1.0.8 still works like a charm.

    Thx for that!

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