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    I just downloaded backwpup but when I tried my second backup job I get these warnings:
    [05-May-2013 16:59:33] WARNING: File “/home/content/76/10946776/html/stats/logs” is not readable!
    [05-May-2013 16:59:33] WARNING: Link “/home/content/76/10946776/html/stats/error_logs” not followed.
    How can I correct this? I have no idea what that means. Please advise.
    Thank you!

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  • Caspar


    You can exclude that “logs” folder from your backup and the warning will disappear.
    Please open your backup job for editing, go to the Files tab and check that folder to be excluded.

    Thanks, I did that. Will see if it works with next backup. I’m wondering why that folder is included if it shouldn’t be, and does that mean some things will not be saved?

    One more question. My About Us post appears in 4 places on my webpage – at the top, and 3 places in the sidebar (Categories, Popular Posts and Recent Posts). My picture appears in the top About Us and in the About Us under Categories, but no picture appears in the About us under Popular Posts and Recent Posts. Any solution?

    Thank you! Shirley

    I had the same problem and excluded the logs folder and now the back-up seems to run fine, however, I’m also wondering what exactly is now excluded from the back-up, are these logs important?

    I’ve checked the file permissions of the Logs folder and they are set to 777 so it should be readable?

    Hello @judichidesign, log files are files with information about processes, issues, errors or merely information. They are not really important to include them in a backup.

    You can always setup log files again when ever you need to know what is happening on the back-end.

    I hope this puts your mind at ease.

    Kind regards

    Cheers. What could cause the error message though seen that my folders are set to be writable?

    Hi @judichidesign that is a very interesting question however @caspar above did not report about the error message to It would be interesting to know why there is an error message when creating backups that include log files!

    Kind regards



    @mbrsolution To be precise, it’s not an error, it’s a warning:

    [05-May-2013 16:59:33] WARNING: File "/home/[..]/stats/logs" is not readable!

    So it says right there: not readable. That’s all the warning is about, and as it is a only a warning, not an error it doesn’t stop the running process (your backup) from being completed.

    The second warning looks a bit different, it says:

    [05-May-2013 16:59:33] WARNING: Link "/home/[..]/stats/error_logs" not followed.

    So error_logs seems to be a link (most likely an alias for another directory in this case) which BackWPup does not follow. That’s correct behavior, because otherwise everything in that directory would be included in the process.

    BackWPup, or PHP actually, is simply saying: “Hey, you wanted me to do this and that, but I can only do this, not that, and I thought I’d better let you know.”

    Hello @caspar, thank you very much for the explanation. Sorry for my incorrect question and you are correct it is not an error but simply a warning.

    I have been using your plugin now for almost 1 year and I highly recommend it 🙂

    Thank you for the great support and time to explain a simple question like mine.

    Looking forward to the next release which you mentioned in another Support thread that it would be coming out sometime this coming week.

    Kind and warm regards

    Oh boy, one problem to another it seems….
    My website went totally white yesterday. I thought it crashed.
    Today it works, but…
    I get an email from wordpress that says:
    A host, can check the host at has been locked out of the WordPress site at until Sunday, May 12th, 2013 at 4:12:38 am UTC due to too many attempts to open a file that does not exist. You may login to the site to manually release the lock if necessary.
    This is a spammer or spambot right that was blocked, correct?
    What do I do is the question.???
    I checked the page
    but it is all Greek to me – coding and so on.
    Do I need to do anything?
    Shouldn’t my security plug in prevent this from happening again?
    Please advise.
    Thank you!

    Second Problem… they seem endless…

    Comments show up under my Posts when they feel like it. One time they are all there, the next time none!
    Any suggestions?


    Sorry… 3rd Problem.
    Activated LINK plugin. Entered info for link. Looks like it’s all entered fine, but there is no link on my site. Help please.
    Thank you!

    Plugin Author Robert Windisch


    Hi Shirley,

    to solve your redirect problem please try my workaround.

    The other problems you have posted are not directly connected to our plugin.


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