• I purchased the paid Tabs Pro version. It doesn’t work and I cannot get any support from Ultimate Member and I have PAID for it. I’ve sent 5 support tickets but no-one has replied and that was over 2 weeks ago!!

    This version doesn’t allow you to add new pages to the profile, you have to but the paid version to do that and then they don’t support you if it doesn’t work. Don’t bother!!!

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    Hi Calum,

    You sent me a message asking me to remove my review. No, I don’t think I’ll do that until I get some support in getting things working. You must be very closely associated to these guys who have built a plugin to work directly with Ultimate Member. Can you go ahead and tell them to provide some service please?!!

    These guys are probably going to get you a whole lot more negative reviews. Rather than handing off the blame to them with no service….bit of action perhaps? What are you guys like? Get your act together mate.

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    There are two things going on here:

    1) Asking users to remove reviews you don’t like is not okay. They’re entitled to their opinions.

    2) Extorting developers with bad reviews to get the SUPPORT you want is not okay. They aren’t your minions.

    Is this a valid review? Yes. Because James found the plugin lacking. He is permitted to alter his review if the situation changes. This review is not extortion, it’s stating a fact. Support was purchased and not received.

    Please don’t ask people to remove reviews. Fix the problems, and they will most likely alter the review to be more favourable.

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    Hi @jamesbrannan , Thanks for your feedback.

    This forum is not the right place for supporting the paid plugins.

    It is clearly stated on the products page that the paid plugins are not compatible with UM 2.0 yet and only works with prev. version of UM. Still you purchased.

    I am working on to make those compatible. Once done, I will let you know. In the mean time, if you need refund, I will process it. Thanks !

    @ipstenu ,
    First, I have never asked to alter/remove any reviews. There seems like some confusion here. Calum is no way associated with this plugin rather he is the author of the plugin Ultimate Member. Thank you for your understanding.

    Thanks !

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    You sent me a message asking me to remove my review.

    No, the author did not. You left a 1 star review before this one in the wrong plugin. That author asked for the review to be removed which I did. You left a 1 star before on the wrong plugin. That was the email you got when that other author asked you to fix your mistake in that other review.

    The author replied to that review and you got that email because you subscribed to it.

    This review is in the right place and stays as Ipstenu said.

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    @plusplugins – Okay so Calum is the support rep for https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-member/ which this plugin is NOT owned by.

    You need to RENAME YOUR PLUGIN – Ultimate Member Profile Tabs – to “Profile Tabs for Ultimate Member” because you are NOT representative of the OFFICIAL Ultimate Member plugin. That’s part of why this gets so confusing to everyone.

    (Calum was CORRECT to ask the other post be closed, it was a review about the wrong plugin)


    I also have the tabs pro plugin and slowly the developer is supporting it. What would fix this problem is to have UM design their own tabs plugin and support it!

    I am shocked that a feature so important is dependent on a 3rd party…


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    100% agree with @mfisher

    @ultimatemembersupport Ultimate Member should have their own extension to handle such an important feature like the profile tabs, rather than relying on 3rd party and its support.

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