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  • Hey there folks,

    Just wanted to give a heads up if you use this plugin. If you have variable products in your store items. This plugin messes the pricing up and displays wrong prices. There has been multiple reports about this happening.

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  • Yup, same thing happening here. You have to be really careful with variable products.

    In my case, this plugin chose an arbitrary variation of the product and displayed it. The products had a price range of 20 € – 500 €, so the plugin randomly picking the variation to show in FB Shop page is bad news for business.

    I found no way to mend this issue and found others to be experiencing the same. Tried refreshing, installing plugin again, etc. etc. – always picks random variation to show.

    Would be nice if, in a variable product, it would show the price range OR would let the user select which variation price to show.




    Has anyone solved this problem yet?
    Please help me how to handle
    My email:
    Thanks very much!

    Doubt it. This plugin seems to be a thrown-together thing. Facebook likes to close up on itself, clearly.

    I understand, it’s their strategy. They want to be THE ecosystem, not part of AN ecosystem, which is basically Facebook + everything else online.

    Great strategy, bold for sure.

    Waiting for Libra and Calibra… Facebook will become a financial ecosystem as well. Unprecedented stuff. Bad for webdevs though 😛 Annoying barrier…

    No, not a Facebook fan, but gotta hand it to them. Bold stuff.

    Noticed this while searching for an issue where the price that shows on Facebook is the basic price before adding the price formula which happens with any product if I edit Facebook Description on the product edit page and leave the FB price empty. This seems to be another issue one needs be aware of !

    Actually, it seems the whole facebook price display is a mess ! I tried filling in the “Facebook Price” with a price that’s lower than the one shown on my website and after clicking on “Click to Checkout on Website” the price displayed in the shopping cart is NOT the one I set for FB but the one on the site !!!

    While I wouldn’t worry about the variable prices thing as long as it’s correct for the selected option, I do think the ones I mentioned need serious attention.

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    Plugin Author SkyVerge


    Hey there,

    Our developers have recently taken over ownership of working on this plugin and are actively working on refinements, improving the overall experience and adding new features. A part of our first set of improvements will be surrounding the product syncing including improved syncing of variable products.

    Please keep an eye out for new updates to the plugin over the coming weeks and let us know if you continue running into these issues or run into any other questions. We’re always happy to help on the forum or you can contact support through our site as well.





    Does anyone has already found a solution for this?
    I have exact the same issue. Variable products in the shop showing different prices. I want to set the lowest price…

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    @jiplo many have started to use this for the catalog:

    The variations show as separate products in facebook though. But they show the right price 🙂



    @nikov Thanks lets try that one then!

    Plugin Author SkyVerge


    Hey @nikov, @jiplo!

    Thanks so much for checking back here. We’ve had a few merchants ask about how they can get this feature to work and our developers are currently investigating.

    It should be possible to set the WooCommerce default form values within WooCommerce admin on the edit product screen to make sure the default product displayed on the Facebook page is correct. Though we have seen this hasn’t worked in all cases.

    Are either of you using this feature at the moment, or were you, before switching to the suggested plugin?

    If you’d like to help us look into this further, it would also be super useful to know if you’re currently running the latest version v1.11.1 of the plugin. If you are, could you please send a screenshot of the Product Data Sources screen? This can be found by logging into Product Catalog and selecting the catalog for your WooCommerce store.

    Thanks again for giving the plugin a try, and I look forward to hearing from you!





    Hi @skyverge,

    I’m using plugin version v1.11.1

    I have variable products with price of €26.95 and the other is €31,95.

    On the Facebook shop it takes a random price but I want them all to have the lowest price.

    Here you see its importing the different prices

    Plugin Author SkyVerge


    Hey @jiplo,

    Thanks so much for sharing that data. Our developers have been investigating this behind the scenes while I tried to collect as much information as I could across the cases reported by our merchants such as yourself.

    At the moment, our developers think this may be an issue with how Facebook is parsing the data. They can’t see an issue with the generated feed itself, and all the settings do seem to be in place from the WooCommerce side. Searching online we did find quite a few other mentions of this happening for other e-commerce stores too, those not using our plugin.

    While this isn’t great news at this time, our developers are reaching out to Facebook directly to see if they can gain more insight into the issue, and if there is anything at all we can do to solve it for you.

    Thanks so much for your patience, and as soon as I hear more from the developers, I’ll circle back here and let you know.

    Is there anything else I can help out with in the meantime?





    Alright @skyverge, thanks Simon!
    I will wait for your reply if there are any updates!

    Plugin Author SkyVerge


    Hey @jiplo,

    Just a quick update to say that our developers are still looking into this and are awaiting the response from Facebook. I’m not sure when this might arrive, or what actions would need to be taken when it does! As soon as I know more, I’ll circle back around, even if it takes a while!

    Thanks again for your patience so far.




    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for the update again. I have confidence in your work. I will wait patiently.

    Thank you

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    Hey @jiplo,

    We finally managed to get the support access we needed to ask Facebook about this issue. They’ve let us know that with the feed file sync, it is not possible to set a default variation and the current behavior is expected. The only way to set a default variation is by using the API calls which is not possible in the current version due to the security fix that we needed to apply.

    Therefore I think the only way around this going forward would be to implement their suggestion in the newer release when available. As this is currently going through testing, it won’t be ready for the first release, though I have raised this with my product team for planning!

    Thanks so much for hanging in there, and I’m sorry that we can’t help with this at this time! Is there anything else I can help out with today?



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