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  • I recently installed WordPress 3.0 on a site. I went through the setup process. Now when I login it shows me this:

    Warning! WordPress encrypts user cookies, but you must add the following lines to wp-config.php for it to be more secure.
    Before the line /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */ please add this code:

    define( ‘AUTH_KEY’, ‘SOME RANDOM LONG KEY’ );
    define( ‘NONCE_KEY’, ‘SOME RANDOM LONG KEY’ );

    I have updated the wp-config.php file many times and still am not able to get this message to go away.

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  • You know, I have posted seven different topics here and have only got one reply on one of those seven, and it wasn’t even helpful! Please someone reply if you even have the slightest IDEA what is going on here. I have done my troubleshooting and have not been able to fix it. Please help.


    Make sure the changes you are attempting to make to your wp-config.php file are actually saving.

    I had a similar problem and when I tried to add the key codes to my wp-config.php file. I thought the changes were being saved (I was using Dreamweaver).

    As it turns out, when I re-opened the wp-config file, I noticed the key codes were not there. That’s because the file was write protected.

    I tried to chmod the file to 777 using my FTP client (FileZilla), but it would not allow me. As a result, I had to download a copy of the wp-config.php, add the key codes, delete the original wp-config file via SSL (I use PuTTy), then upload the wp-config.php copy with the key codes. This solved the problem.

    Hope that helps.


    I am having the same issue. My wp-config.php file contains all the required/requested salts, but I still get this error.

    Any thoughts on how to fix this?


    @ JohnnyWhite2007 – I deleted all of the salts (there should be 8 lines of them.). Then, I refreshed the admin screen, and WordPress gave me 8 new lines to add. After adding those lines, everything worked fine.

    I had only 4 as well. I deleted them all from wp-config.php, uploaded it, refreshed, then they gave me 8. Pasted them in and reuploaded and logeed back in and that did the trick!

    I just tried that and it worked, so it must be the solution.

    Thanks for the help 🙂



    Yeah, it worked for me, too, so it is apparently the solution. (Though I just added the four from the nag notice on the admin screen to the file immediately following the four that were there.) But it still seems kinda wonky. Why do we need eight lines repeating the same four keys twice?



    add 4 lines 2x worked for me.

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