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  • do not use this plug in. today i tried to log in to my website admin and i got a message saying i needed to upgrade my server php because of adrotate requirements. ok fine. but the only problem is i can’t get to any admin page….all of them display the same error message. i can’t even uninstall ad rotate!
    i don’t have time for this. i have a major event happening this weekend with thousands of dollars invested. i need to be able to update my site. and now i have to deal with this???????
    i will never ever ever ever again use one of this guys plugins. this is a fundamental error that absolutely cannot be allowed to happen. we have to be able to count on plugin creators not to interfere with our ability to access our website. trust has been broken.

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  • Hé Juney, maybe you should read ALL the information before installing the plugin instead of judging the creator by YOUR OWN mistakes!

    You can’t get to your admin page????
    That’s your problem not the developers!!! So why write a bad review with such headlines because you are pissed off and have a lot of stress??

    You also could ASK for help before you start scolding people. This plugin guy offers great support!

    I use the plugin on my business sites and I’m very happy with it and with the support. I even changed to the pro version because it is making me good money.

    Plugin Author Arnan de Gans


    Hi Juney, Sorry to hear you’re having some trouble with AdRotate.

    Your server apparently uses a very old version of PHP. Which is something your hosting provider should maintain. Not an AdRotate problem.

    Once the error you saw pops up the plugin is disabled in the background again which allows you to get access again.

    Requirements for software changes from time to time. Just like any other software that receives updates.
    The requirement for PHP 5.3 has been in the changelog for the last 4-6 versions over the course of several weeks. Granted, not everyone knows their PHP version. But again, this is not an AdRotate problem. Update your server.

    You could, instead of immediately writing a bad review (or rant), ask for help on the forums or even post a support ticket or email me. That’s what support services are for and I’m always happy to help.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    @adegans I really like your reply. It’s well thought out and is not unreasonable at all, thank you for that.

    *Drinks coffee*

    But I think you really need to consider that the forums moderators can tell who is who, and frankly either @jc-from-holland is you (and I love sock puppets) or JC is in your office working for your company. And you replied not 10 minutes later from the same office or desk.

    Don’t you think that the JC from Holland should be clearly identified as a forum account for your company such as a plugin contributor?

    That’s not really a suggestion and I’d like to have a good reason to not ban that other apparently fake account.

    *Has more coffee*

    But again, thanks for that well thought out reply. 😉

    Plugin Author Arnan de Gans



    That’s not an account of me – I’m self employed and have no office. If all you guys can do is police the people who stand up for my product you may as well close the review section.

    I rather see that you weed out the people posting reviews such as the one who started this topic as they give me a bad name ruin my day and mood and have nothing to do with me directly.

    [edit] Also, I do not wish to discuss such things in the review section. That’s not what it’s for. Email me instead –

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    These reviews will not be weeded out.

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