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    Just updated my wordpress multisite install from the last latest version via the update tab and it has killed my multisite install

    it has deleted my .htaccess file (replaced by resetting up multisite)
    and I am unable to update the network even with all my pugins disabled

    I get the following error
    Warning! Problem updating Your server may not be able to connect to sites running on it. Error message: Couldn’t resolve host ‘

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  • Restored and re ran the upgrade.

    The upgrade process is still deleting the installed .htaccess file containing multisite rewrite configuration

    The other error, not being able to update the network is fixed by adding all of the domain names hosed on the wordpress multisite to the servers /etc/hosts file.

    It looks like wordpress and the server didn’t know who they are.

    So my question is, is it expected for the upgrade to delete the .htaccess file as part of it’s operation?

    WordPress does not delete the .htaccess ever.

    You may have a plugin or theme causing that sort of a deletion, but a lack of a .htaccess doesn’t cause the install to break.

    What plugins and mu-plugins are you running?

    WordPress does not delete the .htaccess ever.

    It did, unfortunately.

    I rebuilt it, and my site is now working as it should.
    BTW: I went through all the options of renaming the plugins folder, and flushing the cache, also used another Browser.
    … Didn’t do any good.

    The Install did wipe my .htaccess, and without it, my web site went into a recursive deep hole. It was because I kept my WordPress files in a folder/directory : off the root folder/directory.

    Mines working now, don’t know about ‘londonnet,’ but his/her fault was the same as mine. And I’ve seen this situation arise in the past.
    … Very weird!


    Again, core upgrade does not, can not, and will not delete it.

    I’m sitting at a table with @nacin. I am so confident, I would eat my hat.

    However. A plugin or theme, that writes to that file, and is poorly coded, could likely do that. There are people who hook into the wrong function and accidentally cause deletions to happen, but this is 100% not something that core WP can do. It just… can’t. The is a file that, literally, lists what is and is not deleted.

    .htaccess is not on that list.

    Also the error you’re describing is a little illogical… If I delete .htaccess with WP in a folder off root, all that happens is my URLs break. I can still see the front page, log in, etc etc. As soon as I resave permalinks, it comes back.

    What plugins are you using? Please list them.

    Don’t know why your getting so pissy?

    Also the error you’re describing is a little illogical… If I delete .htaccess with WP in a folder off root, all that happens is my URLs break. I can still see the front page, log in, etc etc. As soon as I resave permalinks, it comes back.

    If my .htaccess is deleted, or modified; then my web site does break.

    The .htaccess file was modified by the installer on Friday. The file date was changed by it. I’m sure that none of my plugins did it. The site was working prior to the attempted update.
    – It’s now working again. For my part, this response is irrelevant.

    I’m using standard plugins, and I have them installed on all my sites.

    They are:-


    All in one Favicon

    Conditional CAPTCHA for WordPress.

    Custom Meta Widget.

    Google Calendar Events.

    Hupso Share Buttons for Twitter, Facebook & Google+

    Lock Out.

    Weaver II Theme Extras.

    WP Multibyte Patch.

    Select WP Updates Notifier.

    WP User Avatar.

    As I say, I’ve got it all working again. I hope you can make use of this information, and do find a link between them; and the installer.

    Your attitude over this, is beginning to take on tones of hysteria.
    For my part, I will now cease all communications with you over the matter, and have [de-ticked] the follow up link on this post.


    @ MrsJessicaSimpson : Please create your own topic for your issue — although the issue may seem similar it’s likely not.

    The .htaccess file should never be deleted by an installation upgrade. If it did then there would be thousands folks screaming on this forum.

    I’m frustrated because you’re incorrect. WordPress Core did not delete your .htaccess. A plugin did. Yes, it’s different. Yes, it matters.

    I do this every day. I upgrade thousands of sites. It ain’t possible for WordPress Core to delete your .htaccess so I asked for a list of plugins and mu-plugins. Instead of saying “hey, I had the same problem here are mine!” you hijacked a post and didn’t offer anything to help anyone debug WHY it happened.

    Yes, it annoys me. It doesn’t help londonnet in the least.

    If my .htaccess is deleted, or modified; then my web site does break.

    Semantics. If your .htaccess is deleted, you can still log in to WordPress. Your site, if it’s a plain WP site, will never be ‘broken’ without an .htaccess. If it does break, however, congrats, you have a plugin (and $20 says it’s Lock Out) that is causing the problem.

    In fact… Reading the FAQ for has this:

    Somethings gone horribly wrong and my site is down

    Some settings may alter your .htaccess file which, though unlikely, could cause this problem. If this happens, remove the plugin from the wp-content/plugins directory and remove or edit your .htaccess file to fix your site. If editing, remove the rules located between #Lock Out and #End Lock Out

    So I would remove the plugin and stop using it. It’s hasn’t been touched since 2008, so it was probably never intended for use with Multisite anyway.

    My original post said WARNING upgrade to 3.7 killed my multisite.

    Regret capitalizing warning.

    but the only plugin I have at this stage is the MU domain mapping. I have taken steps to ensure the .htaccess file is not deleted by any process.

    I was keen to bring to peoples attention as the update was so new and may have been a bug. But if our sure it’s not then there is nothing to do.

    Thanks for replying.

    londonnet – I use the WPMU Domain mapping, and my .htaccess didn’t get deleted.

    I even went so far as to test this, taking a sample site from WP 3.5 to 3.7 with that installed. No errors. .htaccess was not touched (which it should not be).

    Did you have any mu-plugins? Any non-standard themes? You said ” I am unable to update the network even with all my pugins disabled” which implies a couple things:

    1) You had more that one plugin
    2) You got an error BESIDES the .htaccess deleting (which will not prevent you from upgrading).

    No just the one plugin. its a new install.

    Updated to 3.7.1 and this had no negative effect.

    As I said I thought it maybe a bug but if it’s not and you can’t replicate it I will assume it was one of those things. Maybe it was something else.

    Happy to say this issue is resolved.

    Hi londonnet,

    I didn’t have exactly the same problem as you but its similar in that…I have a multi-network, multi-site WP installation. 4 different domains in the network and (at the moment) 1 site in each domain in the network.

    All but one of the sites gets archived when I run the 3.7 upgrade.

    The sites that get archived return a message saying something like this site/blog has been archived or can not be accessed when I enter the sites URL in my browser.

    I restored my WP install and the DB using a backup and its back to normal but I don’t want to re-run the 3.7 upgrade until I know what’s wrong and how to fix it.

    londonnet, I am glad to hear your upgrade problem has been resolved – just wondering if I should try 3.7.1 instead of 3.7 (which is what I originally tried).

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    @glenncogar: Please create your own topic for this– although the issue may seem similar it’s likely not.

    Hey Patrick. My name is CrazyHorse. I hope and pray I am in the right area. Something has clobbered my multisite domain network server and have been troubleshooting it now for about 45 days and still we are down.

    I have tried all sorts of different options to fix site without doing a restore yet or a reinstall. I really am trying hard to NOT distroy anything further. I have around 8000 plus members and a bunch of sub domains working. well, that were working before Feb. 2014 .. all was okay and now after upgrade and installing a plugin called Bulletproof.

    My apache seems to be up. server seems to be up. it will serve a index.html file okay.. but as far as wordpress coming up.. it is dead in the water and I am dying here to understand where to even look at how to get it back up. I KNOW IT HAS GOT TO BE SOMETHING VERY SIMPLE I am overlooking. You know how us “geeks” get when we are rushing through code and stuff.. so I will not preach to the choir here.

    You are my last resort I guess to turn to:
    I am running a CentOS 6 VPS Server hosted by Godaddy…
    I have worked with Godaddy tech support.. basic.. cuz I own the server and it is up to me to maintain it.. so no good results there. all seemed okay.
    Next I contacted tech support in California with BulletProof and they tried a couple things.. even deleted all .htaccess files and still nothing comes up..
    I have followed the blogs and tried this trick..
    renamed the plugins directory and then created a new empty one.. just so the name would be there in search paths for code.. that did not work either…
    and so.. I also tried to create the basic .htaccess codes for my multisite system and none of that worked either..
    Now I see people talking about the upgrade and they also can not get into their wordpress sites either.. is there something going on that I need or we need to know.

    Can you please please help me.. someone.. anyone.. hey..

    My site is the historical site dealing with the 1969 Woodstock Musical 3-day rally…

    We need to be up and running NOW…!!!

    by the way.. it maybe something else also.. I have been getting clobbered by bots from Vietnam, Russia and 2 other countries.. all my woodstock network sites are down right now… could a virus or something got into our wordpress sites to cause it NOT TO COME UP.. it is kinda like my SQL database is locked or something odd like that..

    I am fishing here.. If you LOVE MUSIC.. then you will LOVE helping getting this site back up as it is quickly here.. smiling..

    Thanks anyone that contacts me and helps.

    [Contact Information Moderated]

    p.s. all my other server services are working just fine.. like my registered nameservers, my email servers, I have both cPanel an WHM panel running on my server also… more info to help you help me..

    Hi thenet4you, please open your own thread and someone may help. If you have an urgent request you can also post at

    Since the question from the original poster has been resolved 4 months ago, I’m going to close this thread.

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