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    Using CF7 and CF7-conditional-fields.
    After displaying a CF7 form with conditional fields, and then navigating away, I always get a warning that changes may not be saved. This happens whether or I have made any changes and whether or not I made changes and saved.
    This does not happen on another site using CF7 only, so I am guessing the warning is coming from CF7-conditional-fields.
    It would seem that the warning is spurious as there is no issue using the resulting form.

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  • PS. To be clear the warning message is in the backend editor and not in operational use.

    Plugin Author Jules Colle


    Could you check if the issue appears when you install conditional fields on your other website?

    Thank you for responding.
    On the affected site I have two forms both using the same conditional fields settings. One group field is displayed if a particular string is typed in an earlier field. The particular string may be any of 15 possibilities so there are 15 rows in the conditions.
    I added conditional-fields to my other site and created a new CF7 form with one group field to be displayed if one possible string is typed in an earlier field.
    The Unsaved Warning now appears on this other site after adding conditional-fields.
    The warning appears even if you just open a form for editing and do nothing before navigating away elsewhere within the dashboard.
    Operationally this warning can be ignored as it has no effect on the use of the forms. It is just that presumably some flag is not being set correctly when the CF7 form is saved.

    Plugin Author Jules Colle


    I have checked this several times and added some tests, and verified that this is not happening on a clean wordpress installation with both the latest versions of CF7 and Conditional Fields installed.

    Could you explain to me exactly the steps I can take to reproduce this?

    That’s odd. As noted the fault appeared as soon as I added the Conditional Fields plugin to a site which had not used it before. It may be an interaction with another plugin. But, as the warning is irrelevant and can be ignored I will just live with it.

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