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"Warning: This plugin puts banner ads on the WordPress dashboard." (2 posts)

  1. wp_steve
    Posted 2 years ago #

    "Warning: This plugin puts banner ads on the WordPress dashboard."

    "Warning: Banner ads are not loaded locally but served from the plugin maker's website."

    Please add these warnings to the Description page for this plugin.

    The first is common courtesy (get the user's consent to add banner ads to the general dashboard) and the second is a matter of privacy (by failing to load images locally your plugin is phoning home and allowing you to track user visits to their own dashboard).

    For future reference, please note that both practices go against the Detailed Plugin Guidelines published by WordPress:


    "7. No "phoning home" without user's informed consent. This seemingly simple rule actually covers several different aspects:


    All images and scripts shown should be part of the plugin. These should be loaded locally. If the plugin does require that data is loaded from an external site (such as blocklists) this should be made clear in the plugin's admin screens or description. The point is that the user must be informed of what information is being sent where.

    In general, things like banner or text link advertising should not be anywhere in a plugin, including on its settings screen... If the plugin does include advertising from a third party service, then it must default to completely disabled, in order to prevent tracking information from being collected from the user without their consent. This is the method commonly known as opt-in."

    Thank you. Best Regards.

  2. usuaggie
    Posted 2 years ago #

    You think ads in Pretty Link are scary, you should read this: http://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/why-jetpack-reallypacks-a-punch-and-the-future-of-wordpress-as-a-platform/

    Seems like the WordPress creators are up to their own trickery and cannibalization of the plugins market. It's odd that theme's are allowed to be premium here at wordpress.org, but yet plugins cannot be -- I wonder why?

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