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  • This plugin is used to send SPAM Advertisements to your users on the dashboard! Not cool, and if their willing to do that, no telling what else is going on under the hood!

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  • Just noticed this today. I went through and disabled and re-enabled all plugins to see who the culprit was. I was half expecting it to be Yoast, but was surprised when it turned out to be this plugin. Kind of a shame, really, as it’s a very basic plugin I’ve used for a long time.

    All in all, I understand that they have to keep the lights on and the water running, but it felt like it came out of nowhere. A dashboard banner indicating that ads were incoming would have been appreciated.

    Yes. Please disable the advertisements for MailOptin on the general and updates dashboard. I understand if they wish to run them on their own plugin settings page, but that’s where it should remain.

    <No opinion in this post, just information about the code.>

    I just noticed this a little while ago right after I updated to 2.1.2, although I didn’t make the connection immediately because I hadn’t been on the plugins page when I updated. I dug around and was about to ask about it in the IRC channel (#wordpress) when I saw the following link in the page source: [sic]

    I hadn’t noticed the ‘Learn more’ link because the CSS is messed up. Once I saw that it was this plugin, and I remembered that I’d just updated it, I came here and found this thread.

    After a bit more digging, I found a file called mo-admin-notice.php; you can see it as it is in 2.1.2 here.

    The entire update is just bumping the version numbers and changelog (which doesn’t mention adding the ad), and adding the ad files/code. You can see all the changes here.

    A permanent banner for MailOptin is also added to the bottom of the WP User Avatar settings page.

    To be clear, for the record, none of the code added in this particular changeset is doing any network communication or retrieving ads from anywhere. The ad is included in the plugin code and everything stays on your WordPress instance.

    </No opinion in this post, just information about the code.>

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    Collins from MailOptin here. So sorry everyone for this.

    Kindly click the close button and the ads will never show up again on your dashboard. Ever.

    If anyone is having trouble remove the notice, use the URL below.

    Replace with your website URL.

    I am really sorry for all the inconvenience this may have caused.

    This won’t happen ever again. So sorry everyone. Really I am sorry.

    Such a shame, was great, uninstalled and won’t be using again!

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    Hello All,

    Sorry for inconvenience you had. Please update the plugin with latest version.


    The close button of the add does not work. If I click the red “x” on the configuration page of WP User Avatar, I’m redirected to the admin dashboard, but as soon as I open the configuration page again, the add is there again.

    Why do so many plug-in developers ruin their projects by introducing adds and annoying ‘uuuh, please rate our plug-in’ banners?

    It seems you still not updated the plugin to the latest version, please update it and your issue will be resolved.


    @erdivyang10: Thanks for removing the ad. Any chance you can fix the PHP warning on the user profile page (/foobar/wp-admin/profile.php) as well?

    A non-numeric value encountered in /foobar/wp-includes/media.php on line 647

    It has been reported multiple times and solutions have been provided already:

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