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  • Hi Puh,

    While 3.11.1 was genuinely broken, 3.11.2 is not. At least not for some users. Let me assure you that 3.11.2 was tested not only on my test environment, it was also tested by some users before releasing. So it seem not everyone have the same problem as you do. The WordPress plugin system makes testing difficult and virtually impossible to test compatibility with all other plugin before release. I am not surprise that there are plugins that conflicts with Post Teaser.

    I suggest that you report your problem to me and give me more details then it just crash your blog. You post is really not helpful.

    Crashed as well (articles section)
    after 1 hour of searching found this to be the problem, disabled the plugin and it works again.

    Please tell me what details you need and I’ll send it to you so this does not happen again.



    For a start, describe when and how Post Teaser crashes your blog. Be as details as you can and if possible, list the steps of what you were doing that cause your blog to crash.

    A list of the plugins you use in your blog would be helpful. Also, your hosting details like what platform, versions of software including WordPress.

    The more information you can provide means I don’t need to go back and forth asking question after question.

    You can post the above here but you will not get a quick response from be because I don’t check this forum many times a day. Alternatively, you can also contact me directly by using the contact form on my blog.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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