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  • In life, sometimes you need to give up something.

    Gallery2 will cost you 50 MB

    You should clarify what implementation of the plugin caused your problems.

    It works fine with most lightbox-like pop-up scripts. The only one I have seen not work out of the box is thickbox, and there’s a short workaround for that. If you’re having problems with thickbox, try highslide or another script listed on the plugin’s options page.

    For being a free, open source gallery, I think it’s great!

    Gallery2 using the wpg2 plugin is wonderful!! In both ff and ie6, ie7.

    Openlycreative misses the point, that there is surely a solution, should I solve all his problems ?

    I don’t need a solution for my page, if he needs this, why not work on it, instead writing useless WARNING posts…

    Alex, you fail to see an issue with your plugin despite many, many complaints on your own message boards.

    I would gladly PAY for this plugin if it would work in every browser. It has the potential to be THAT wonderful.

    But alas…

    Works fine on IE for me…

    I’ve never had any issues w/IE6 or any other browser for that matter with this plugin! Have you checked to see if it simply conflicts with another plugin (the bane of my WP existence).

    Also remember it’s not version 1.0 yet and for what it does it’s damn good!

    WP code is pretty much free, and we must remember that the wonderful people out there doing themes, plugins, etc. deserver our patience. Maybe you should join his dev team (if he has one) and help him rather than chastise him?

    What is the issue? I noticed something when trying to view my site using somebody elses computer; it basically shut down IE! Is this the issue? I don’t have the same problem with my own computer using: IE, firefox or safari!?
    I am interested to know because I do not want to exclude visitors from my site.

    Here is a work around and it IS WORKING in Opera AND ie6 for me like this. To answer the previous post, the problem (at least the ones i encountered with ie6) was the images being rendered on the screen in some place that you can’t see them nor can you click the close or next options etc. Since the problem seems to lie in the way the plugin communicates with THICKBOX you can easily get around it by using LIGHTBOX instead.

    Install the Lightbox plugin and set the Next Gen plugin (under Gallery-> options -> effects -> “javascript Thumbnail effect” select LIGHTBOX.

    Seems to fix the problem for me! Let me know if that works for you please! This problem is very interesting I wish I were a coder to help more.

    I am working on a site for a rock band click here to see the plugin in action compatible with ie6 and opera.

    I HAVEN’T DONE any testing of other browsers including ie7 etc.

    This plugin is so awesome it would be a shame for anyone to pass it bye!

    This thread should be deleted as it is pointless. Openlycreative, you should be ashamed for attacking a good plugin and then not even bother to detail what your exact problem. No one here can really either help you or respond to you because you provide no details. As result this thread ends up looking like a scurrilous attack. If you were more open you might get some help.

    I have been using NextGen with much satisfaction for several months. However after upgrading WordPress to version.73 when I choose a photo from the side bar it appears not in the center of the page but further down with a lot of white space in the the display window. Any ideas?



    Well said. Openlycreative, if you couldn’t get the result you want, stop kicking up a big fuss, but calm down and find yourself an alternative plugin. There’s no use to just throw your tantrum and curse. It won’t make things work in IE6 for you, no matter how angry you are.

    I recommend psychiatric help before you try to get any help for that problem.

    Which internet browser, and what version, are you using? I think older browsers may have a little problem.

    The inital post is now 8 month old, w3cschools says we have only 30% IE6 last month… let’s wait another 8 month 🙂

    Michael Torbert


    WordPress Virtuoso

    That stat is close to meaningless. Aside from the fact that we don’t know where their information comes from (US users, ALL World users, users of their site, etc), it has very little relevance on most web developers.
    Any web developer knows that different sites target and attract a different demographic. For instance, a site dealing with open source software programming may have mostly Firefox users, whereas a site selling antiques may have mostly IE users.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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