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  • Resolved lilap


    I seem to have this message on my Network Site. It says “Note! myCRED has not yet been setup.” where it has been Network Activated and also has run through the installation on the main site.

    When I go into the Network Admin to change Master Templates, it has this message at the top. Do I need to worry about this?

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  • Plugin Author Gabriel


    Hi lilap

    Yes this is a known bug in the current version that I will be resolving in the next update.


    I’m facing the same problem here, I use the latest version of myCRED 🙂

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Hi soufianesabiri.

    Is this a fresh installation or is this a new issue from updating?
    Have you gone to your main site (the site with the blog id 1) and setup myCRED?

    Thanks for your response, I appreciate it 🙂

    Actually I’m using WP Multi Network to manage multiple networks, and is working perfectly !

    I try in the page of the main site of my second network (url :

    to activate myCRED which is already activated in the wp-admin (without /network) but it shows me the error in the top :

    Note! myCRED has not yet been setup.

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Hmmm. Very odd.
    So everything works but the message still shows on the myCRED Network page or do you have problems saving your settings as well?

    Thanks again !

    I have activated myCRED Network in the site #1 (the first one ever) and is working perfectly, now I see that the problem is only with main sites made by WP Multi Network…

    After that, I see that the page has activated the 2 options in every main site in the other Networks… oO


    Plugin Author Gabriel


    So you enabled the “Master Template” feature on your admin area?
    ( )

    The master template feature will force your first sites settings on all other sites settings while the “Centralize Log” will force myCRED to log all point gains / losses in one single log instead of one for each website.

    Yes I did… I disabled it now.

    The balance is being synchronized on all subdomains nicely !! THANKS !

    But I have one more question about the log, does a user who is registered on multiple sites does have multiple balances or the same ? Because I’m using multiple Networks…

    Working with the plugin WP Multi Network I think I should have for every Network a specific log, not one for every Networks, is this the case ?

    Thanks one more time for your time, thanks a lot !!!

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Unless you have selected “Centralize Logging” each site in your network will have it’s own log which means that your users will have a unique balance on each site.

    If you on the other hand enable Centralized Logging, you will have all sites in your network logged into one central log and with that also centralize your users balances and history.

    If you have already log entries in several sites and switch to centralize the log then all sites logs will be ignored and everything focused on your main sites log (blog id 1).

    Basically your users balance is stored as a user meta in your usermeta table.
    The default balance is stored under the meta key mycred_default or if it’s a custom point type – the meta key you set yourself.

    This means that you can technically get a users balance via the get_user_meta function that WordPress provides.

    On multisites, all user meta on all sites are stored in the same usermeta table.
    To make sure that your users can have a unique balance on multiple sites (if they are a member on multiple sites that is), myCRED appends the blogs id to the end of this meta key so it becomes:

    mycred_default_3 etc.

    When you enable “Centralized Logging” this appending of the blog id is removed resulting in the user having the same balance on all sites.

    You do not need to have the “Master Template” enabled to use the “Centralized Log” feature as they both control two different aspects of the plugin.

    I unfortunately never used the WP Multi Network plugin so it has not been tested with myCRED and I can not guarantee it will work as intended.

    Thanks Gabriel for the explanation, I’ve made a decision to disable the plugin WP Multi Network so I can enjoy myCRED functions in a more better way ( without digging into database tables :p ) 🙂

    Thanks one more time, I appreciate your help !


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