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  • Same here to me. Can anybody give a helping hand?

    I’d like to add some hopefully useful information acording to this problem. In my development environment I use PHP Version : 5.3.27 / 32Bit OS and have not such errors.

    On my productive environment I use PHP Version : 5.4.26 / 32Bit OS and do have problems.

    The warning accours when I try to manage the e-mail subscriptions. The user sees this erros too, when he tries to make some changes to his subscriptions.

    Hello @stfw, have you tried asking the question in the forum?

    Tobias will definitely help you with this.

    Kind regards

    I have the same error, even in the latest version.

    @mbrsolution Thanks for your help! – when I try to open your link the website seems to be unavailable due to an caching error.
    I will try the link in some days again.

    Hi @stfw, @m266 and @elotse have you tested the latest version?

    New tested and error with version 6.3.0.

    Hi @m266 have you tested version 6.3.1?

    Not yet. Need to update to 3.9. Please wait; Answer comes later.

    I have updated to WordPress 3.9 and plugin to 6.4.0:
    error with latest version 6.4.0 🙁

    Hi m266, have you tried to deactivate your plugins and test one by one to see if it is a plugin that is causing this issue? What about your theme, is your theme up to date with the latest WordPress version?


    Hi @m266 and @stfw I have not tested the update with WordPress 3.9 on my live websites. What I have done is updated to the latest version 6.4.0 running WordPress 3.8.3 and it works.

    WordPress, PHP and MySQL versions are…

    WP Version: 3.8.3
    MySQL Version: 5.5.37
    PHP Version: 5.4.27

    @elotse, have you tested the latest version?

    I hope this information helps you. I will be testing this version on my production server.

    Kind regards

    The latest from this warning. I can confirm that if is a PHP issue or warning. With PHP version 5.4.27 there is no issue running WordPress 3.8.3.

    Running WordPress 3.8.3 with PHP version 5.4.19 there is the same error.

    I have submitted a message on Tobia’s forum. If you ever need to leave a message use the following URL.

    Kind regards

    Hi @m266, @stfw and @elotse, there is a new version out 6.4.1.

    Can you all test it to see if you still receive the same warning?

    Kind regards

    Worked fine after update to 6.4.1.
    Thx for your help.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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