• SupermanSong.com


    I decided to update to their premium version for (ONLY) $29.89

    I was shocked 6 months later when I received a Paypal email showing this deceitful company yanked an additional $23.89 from my account!

    When you originally purchase, you’re blindsided into AUTOMATIC RENEWAL. I contacted this company the very next day stating I wasn’t aware of this and that I do not wish to renew. However they refused to do the right thing by refunding me, simply stating, and I quote.

    “The charge was authorized, you agreed to renewals at the time of purchase (it is mentioned at several locations)”

    Check out their website. Automatic renewal isn’t mentioned, not even once! It simply says…

    “…from 29.98 USD only. Support and updates are limited to six months, but after that, it will not be disabled, you can just keep using it with full functionality (even if you don’t renew).”


    They don’t even send out a friendly early email reminder stating this product will soon automatically renew. And the email I received right after I purchased never mentioned Automatic Renewal. Email simply stated that I could find a receipt for my purchase by logging into my Sellcodes account. Well, I logged in, but no sign of my receipt!!!

    Only place that automatic renewal is shown is when you’re getting ready to hit the paypal buy button, which doesn’t jump out and most users like me will not see.


    As I said, this greedy company should just do the right thing and refund my money (that they tricked me out of) however this greedy company would prefer to keep my hard earned money in return for this bad review!!!

    P.S. Their paid version isn’t much better than their free version. Definitely not worth $23.98 every 6 months!!!

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  • Plugin Support Nick


    You don’t need to renew at all (and can still keep the premium features). Let’s discuss this by email.

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