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  • I am writing this review with huge disappointment and frustration about this plugin. I wrote a long review hours back previously and it got removed.

    To anyone out there who is going to install this, you have been warned.

    I installed this app about a week ago and setup everything including brute, login url change, etc etc. Out of a sudden, I got locked out from my admin access. Despite I input the correct username and password, I am unable to login to my site dashboard.

    I spent hours to rectify it. I had to go phpmyadmin to delete off the AIO stuff, FTP to delete off them. To my horror, my wordpress installation to the website were gone. I had to reinstall it and all of my stuff, like images, design, layout, text, policies (which I spent most time writing them) and etc, are gone. Really gone.

    I have found out that this “Locked out” issue had happened on several users. I followed the solutions given by the support via the reviews of these users who experienced the same. But seriously, the solution are no help as mentioned by other users also. Moreover, the issue has been around and the support should have resolved this. Making your users go through these and whatsmore, my website is gone.

    I don’t know how they got their reviews high, neither I care. But new users, you have been warned, please read the reviews before installing. To the support, this issue should have been rectify long ago instead of hanging around, making users install and get locked out by it, and you guys just come in when a bad review was writtne and simply said “did you email us?”, “did you file your issue with the support”?, “please follow the instruction” while the others have mentioned it is not helpful at all. Please rectify before more users are getting this.

    It gets me frustrated. Thanks to you guys.

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  • Plugin Contributor mbrsolution


    Sorry to hear about your issue. If you don’t mind can you open up a support ticket so that we can help you with your issue.

    Kind regards

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