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  • I’ve been using Eco-Safe for a couple of weeks and was quite happy with the PDF results, however today I installed a FireFox plugin – Ghostery and it showed every page on my blog as having Google Analytics running on the site, which I have never used and wasn’t previously aware off.

    Anyway I narrowed it down to the Eco-Safe plugin and disabled/deleted it from my system, Google Analytics is now gone from my site.

    What annoys me is that there is no mention by the plug-in developer that they are monitoring their plug in usage via Google Analytics and obtaining information about my site visitors.

    If Eco-Safe mentioned this I could then make an informed decision whether or not to use the plug-in, but I feel as though they have gathered data about my site visitors through deceptive means.

    They have had 1,353 downloads, so at one point they have tracked information from 1,353 websites and xx amount of visitors. I really feel they have breached my privacy and the privacy of my site visitors by not disclosing their usage of Google Analytics.

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  • Thanks for letting me know! I have google analytics on my site and I don’t want other scripts intruding my data that is private for now.

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