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  • Should have known not to upgrade right away. In the future, might I suggest WordPress get rid of the damn annoying bug that SCREAMS at you to upgrade? I NEVER would have upgraded if it wasn’t for that annoying thing and the fact that the upgrade process is so freaking “easy.” Or add a downgrade option. I’ve ceased letting these type of things upset me, I’ll put up with not being able to change my sidebars in the hopes that you all will most likely issue a fix post haste.

    Maybe you should make a bit harder to save us from ourselves. Especially when you release buggy crap like this. Usually WP’s quality control is really good and I commend the Developers but I don’t know how major things like breaking TinyMC and the Widgets slip through.

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  • I’m not a developer, but plugins are exactly that, not part of the program. Its not WordPress’ fault for the plugins breaking.

    Also, take a look here:

    Umm…Yes it is, it’s not the plug-ins themselves that’s broken, it’s the entire Widget Panel that no longer works. That is a WordPress issue.

    I agree. Did the upgrade and my Admin panel does not work. Specifically the Post Editor Does not work either along with a bunch of other weird things. Of course we have a new product launch today…Arghhh

    Is there an easy way to go back to 2.7. I need to be able to do this in a big hurry.

    My suggestion is DO NOT UPGRADE TO 2.8. This one is not ready for prime time.


    Most problems with 2.8 have been plugins and themes not compatible. Some have had to up PHP memory, and there was an .htaccess issue.

    But, to revert to 2.7.1 restore your database backup, restore your files backup.

    Thanks…this might be a repeat sorry if it is. But is there an easy way to do this? Are we talking about going into C-Panel. Unfortuantely, someone just hit the AutoUpgrade and there were no backups made as far as I know. This has never been a problem in the past but it sure is now as we have a new product launch going and can’t update or write any new posts.

    Since you asked the same question on another thread, see comments on



    so true. And maybe I´m not tempted to do hit the link but my clients are! They call me up asking if they should upgrade. I tell them NO! But one day they might forget and go for it…

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    @antorera: then look around and try something like WordPress › Disable Upgrade Reminder « WordPress Plugins. Other than that, not upgrading opens you and your clients to more problems.

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