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  • mll


    …produces an awful bunch of php errors. Fortunately, disabling the pluging brings back everything to normal. A pity, I’d love to see this plugin work.

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  • moshu


    I can see you put the plugin name as a tag – but most people will not notice it, so mentioning what are you talking about is always a good idea 🙂



    Unless you’re my ex who thought making people make guesses as to what she was thinking about was fun. *sigh*

    [Oops fixed the pronouns in there – drmike]

    drmike says that alot. But he’s not bitter! 😉




    i fixed more_smilies to work with 2.2.. atleast the errors I saw on my ‘sandbox’ 2.2 install.

    Ive not released the changed plugin because Ive yet to read on here where someone has actually shown the errors that are spit out.

    About the only thing Ive seen that was/is even remotely useful when it comes to diagnosing that particular plugin’s errors were grumbles about line breaks in comments, which I could not duplicate on a fresh 2.2 install.

    If someone else could install the plugin, and be specific about the errors they get, chances are I could confirm that Ive fixed them, and release the plugin with the changes Ive made.

    here’s a link to the errors I get on my sandbox




    yeah I fixed those ;0

    If you like drop me an email via my contact form on my own site — include your own email address, and I will e-mail you a copy of the changed plugin if you like — you can beta test it 🙂

    I am ordering food, and will be away from the computer for a while, but I will reply back to you today

    actually i just realized that you werent the OP, so you probably arent interested in testing, but thanks for confirming the errors 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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