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  • In what i can only say as my nightmare experience has left me
    **$103.99 OUT OF POCKET**

    I run my own research and branding company and my have over 11 years experience as a graphic designer and i have never given an online review for a plugin before. BUT, i feel compelled to inform potential customers who are thinking of using this plugin and purchasing it to avoid it like the plague. Your find other plugins are charging way more to build apps and there is a big reason why.

    **Apps don’t work with Apple** **Support is non existent** **There are lot’s of hidden extras** **BEWARE – Once you purchase the developers account for $100 it’s non refundable**

    ++Read other negative reviews to see the pattern++

    1) I invested my time to create the app. Received an email from DAVE to welcome me and to download my app for Google play. That’s what’s free. Just the app for Google play.

    2) I now needed to purchase the app for Apple. That’s $3.99 recurring fee, which has its limitations.

    3) I entered my account number to the plugin online and it didn’t work. I sent an email to Dave and had to wait a number of days before he got back to me.

    3) I received my apple app and i received an email from Dave to say he can upload it for $20. It’s not clear that you will have to purchase an developer’s account for $100.

    4) i send Dave an email. Days and days later he finally gets back. He explains that i have to purchase the developers account.

    I purchase the developers account and follow his instructions online and apple get back to me to say that the app is no good and just crashes. The theme i was using says according to Dave that it has been tested and works but it didn’t.

    5) I explain to Dave i not happy with the support and everything is very misleading on your website and emails. I don’t receive any replies from Dave.

    6) Dave says you can Skype him, call him, instant message him on hangouts but this is all rubbish. There is no support.

    7) I submit a refund with Paypal and make a complaint about Dave. Dave instantly gets back to me to say that i can damage his reputation and he will give me the refund. I said to release the funds but Dave said let Paypal run it’s course.

    8) weeks later i get a message from Paypal to say my refund has not been successful because i just left the claim without getting back to Paypal but this was Dave’s instructions. I then sent a email to Dave to explain what has happened and guess what no response.

    9) i threaten Dave to leave a bad review and he instantly gets in touch to say he will refund me the amount. He refunds all of them except one that he left the auto Payment on. I get billed again and contact Dave but now he is just ignoring me. I have sent him multiple emails and even sent him some Facebook messages.

    **To sum it up the whole plugin is a scam**

    I found out Dave lives in France and has no office in the U.K or in the USA. It seems he is a genuine app developer but the business has outgrown him and the support he could once offer customers to get there up and running and fix the bugs he can no longer do as a one man band and is basically just getting away with people purchasing small amounts of money and not bothering chasing up on.

    I’m now in communication with WordPress to remove his plugin and want to warn as many people before it gets taken down.

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  • Plugin Author Dave Anthony


    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your review and I’m very sorry that you are so annoyed.

    Chris, I have tried to reply to your comments one-by-one.

    First of all, we never charge $103.

    1) Yes, you received the google app for free we have sent around 20,000+ free apps

    2) The iOS App is from $3.99/mo yes that is correct.

    3) I replied and fixed your problem within 24 hours.

    3) Yes, we upload your app for $25 but yes you do need an account with apple. Sorry but this is Apple’s rules.

    4) We recommend using one of our themes as they are pre-approved by apple. If you choose to use your own theme it maybe refused.

    5) Sorry, if this is the case but I have copies of all the emails and facebook messages you sent me.

    6) This is untrue as I don’t offer skype support.

    7) I asked you why you went directly to paypal as I would of refunded you directly, If you would of asked me via email.

    8) I replied to your facebook message & refunded you directly.

    9) Yes, you threaten me with a bad review and I replied.

    Yes, I live between France & the UK I will happily give you my full address. I have never hidden where I live. We are 3 that work on the WordApp plugin.

    I have taken in all your comments and will make an effort to reply to all the support on facebook, email, skype, twitter etc.

    This would be a real shame as our Free plugin has help thousands of people and we have officially sent over 20,000 free apps. I’m sorry you have had a bad experience. I have now removed all of your subscriptions and made a refund. Yes, I accidently left the subscription after refunding you. and I apologise for this. There are some things I can’t change like apple charging for you to have a developers account.

    Once again I’m very sorry you didn’t get what you were looking for with WordApp.

    – Dave (

    Thread Starter chrisynok


    Howdy Dave,

    I’m not just annoyed i’m currently fueled to do my best to make potential customers aware of the big con and i’m hoping WordPress ban your plugin from here. It’s bad enough there are so many plugins out there with viruses and malware and now we are even getting cheated of our hard earned money.

    4) IMPORTANT******* As Dave has just said Apple can refuse the app. The theme i was using is a very popular theme, which has already been approved by Apple. However, the app just crashed. It didn’t work. It didn’t even get to the part where Apple could test it. Dave offered no support…… Dave has admitted he CAN’T GUARANTEE the app develops will work. Apps are sophisticated things and you can’t simply rely on a software to make it without having bugs etc. That’s why every other company charge much much more and offer a guarantee.

    **In order to test the app you have to purchase the non refundable developers account**
    ******$100 NON REFUNDABLE*******
    If the app doesn’t work you are screwed and down $100

    2) $3.99 is a recurring amount that will be automatically deducted every month. It’s likely you will need to purchase the $9.99 package because i have no doubt most people will want to be able to send push notifications.

    3) Unfortunately this is just not true. It’s a lie. Dave has never got back to me within 24hrs apart from on here because potential customers can see the response time. As i mentioned most of the time Dave just didn’t get back to me especially when it came to getting a refund. Look back on previous negative review and spot the trend.

    I have since asked Dave to compensate me my $100 but he has refused even after this negative review. So you will lose that money if the app doesn’t work and going by previous reviews it’s likely it won’t work and you will get no support.

    Wanted to downlaod this App, but now i am even confused… o well, just to be safe i wont download.

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