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  • Lorelle


    For those of us concerned about this, can you simple explain what we should do. Should everyone take the steps recommended to prevent Goggle’s Web Accellerator, or is this isolated to only a few people?

    1. Do not install it.
    2. Take all possible steps to ban the harvesting bot from your site (Method from my first link)
    3. Read why this is a VERY BAD THING
    4. Read up on stopping page caching
    5. Don’t believe a word I say – after all, Google thinks it’s great 😉



    I read the method instructions and want to know if that should go before or after the permalinks set by WordPress and redirects for moved pages in the htaccess file?

    It doesn’t matter.

    Put a couple of carriage returns AFTER the above method and let WP put what it does after it. Try that and then access your site – it should be okay.



    I put it in on the top and so far, so good. Thanks for the hand holding.



    I’ve not installed this thing, but my understanding of it is that, aside from other pretty serious issues, the toolbar pre-fetches pages linked to from any page you visit. That means it, in essence, clicks the links so that, when you’re ready to visit those links, they’re already on your hard drive … and therefore your surfing experience is speeded up.

    Now, you remember that “delete this post” link in the WP edit area?

    Denis de Bernardy


    Yeah, Google thinks it’s great because it gets to install the filthiest piece of spyware ever to hit the market. 🙂



    Wait so is this server thingy or is it a end/home user thingy, cuz if it’s a server thingy then it won’t be installed if it’s a home/end user thingy then it definitely won’t be installed – if i haven’t installed should i worry about it? i mean if someone else has it installed and visit a site, is it going to delete that sites page (in theory).



    I just finished installing the recommended fixes to every site I run – and at the same time I installed Autoblink to bork Autolink. Took me a while on that one since there’s really no .htaccess fix for it.

    I didn’t do fanto’s stuff in my .htaccess myself, I just used Cpanel to set up the IP denies. Works the same way, just easier for me. There’s a couple other IP ranges too since fanto’s postings – this is the list I’m currently blocking for GWA:


    More info about Autoblink can be found at SearchGuild.



    Hmmm I still only partly understand this – GWA isn’t a standard google feature, it’s something people can use if they want to “improve” the speed at which they view pages.

    Vkaryl what specific fixes did you do? i#ve added the IPs you’ve listed to the IP deny manager. Don’t pretend I;m an idiot, know that I am and I understand nada. I’ve also added the js code to the sites, but I’m still clueless. I feel I’m being sweeped up in moderate panic of sorts. You know, people start running, then more run and you don’t know why, but you suspect it’s something bad, so you run with them suddenly you’re running really fast but you’re not sure why.





    What Google is doing is not funny…but this is:

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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