• DO NOT BUY PREMIUM VERSION!!!! It has bugs and the developers know about it yet still sell it with out warnings or any ETA of fixing other than being told a few weeks.

    Admin cannot edit any products. So if you have set your vendor products to be approved prior to product being sold or plan to edit vendor wording, add tags anything at all you cannot. – and this is not a concern for them – they think it is a “minor” issue.

    USD $199 Vendor Pro fee and USD $69 for Woocommerce Booking integration, down the drain
    THEY DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS – even though they haven’t disclosed prior to purchase that they are aware of bugs – they simply claim…. you buy a work in progress… well a work in progress isn’t good enough for a website – we can’t hand over a “work in progress” to our client or any client for that matter. We have to provide a working solution not just a “we will get to it when we feel like it”.


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  • Plugin Author Jamie


    Kevin and Lauren.

    This has nothing to do with free or pro. This has to do with the bookings integration. I explained that bug fixing takes time and it could be a quick fix or a long fix. However I’m unable to drop everything every time someone finds a bug. This however wasn’t a satisfactory answer for you. I cannot help that you have created an unrealistic expectation to your client for delivery time. As per our terms of service you need to give me ample time to address this issue and you haven’t. You reported it less than 2 business days ago.

    There is one bug which is being worked on. I said that I would address this today however you gave a snark reply to me to not bother and that you were going to dispute it with PayPal AND issue a credit card charge back. You also took the time to come on here also and write a review that has nothing to do with this free product.

    If you are going to use WordPress and the related extensions and plugins you should understand how the GPL works. I’ve included a link for your reference.


    To quote our own source code:

    WC Vendors Pro WooCommerce Bookings is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    Please be patient and a fix will be available when I work out what the issue is in the first place.



    I was told this would be fixed in next update. When I asked for an ETA I was told ‘next few weeks’. Hence asked for a refund as I can’t wait a few weeks ( next few weeks to me can be anything from 1 week to couple of months ). This seems a fair request considering your booking integration version has a serious bug, I know you don’t seem this as important at all but Admin users not being able to update their vendors products or approve them is a serious issue for anyone setting the Vendor products to be approved first or needs to edit the content.

    You have said you have a fair amount of bugs to fix in email. I can see this using your system. Generally I more than understanding when waiting for a fix but when given a next few weeks seems unfair.

    You have so far only addressed one of the issues, When I asked for assistance with another issue the response given to me was that your coding wasn’t working properly:

    “Some of this may be able to be done with custom coding; however, at this time something is not working properly with the code that we use for Required fields. Our lead developer is aware of this issue and will hopefully have the fix for it in our next release.”

    There are bugs in your system. I’m not entertaining this further. My partner asked nicely for a refund as you did not disclose the bugs in the system and you flatly denied it. I have come on here to ensure that people are aware of bugs in your system – that way they then have the opportunity to be aware of the bugs before they buy – it is called an INFORMED decision… buyers in this country (and yes you live in the same state as me) are entitled to make an informed decision. If they choose to still continue to buy it, at least they are aware.

    As my partner mentioned – which you have called “snark reply” – she said that your plugin was probably the best on the market even though it had bugs and she wished you all the best for your future business – here are her exact words:

    ” I do truly hope that you can get the issues fixed because you do have a great plugin – and trust me I’ve reviewed the top 5 and they are definitely lacking but yours has a lot to offer – just sadly… it doesn’t work with my major issue. ”

    As for her informing you that we were putting in a dispute to paypal – well fair is fair… we have paid for something that has its bugs, and was never disclosed… so we can’t use it… it is called fair trade!

    Unfortunately our lead times to our clients are not “No, I do not have a time for the next release, but I do believe it to be within the next few weeks”

    Plugin Author Jamie


    Within a few weeks was the answer given before I chimed in and said I would look into it today. Let me quote your partner directly seeing as you like to selectively pull from her emails.

    Thank you for your response. But please… as mentioned before, don’t make this a priority. Like you said – it isn’t a “big” issue and given a response of “in the next update with no eta” by Anna… we have been forced to move onto another solution and we are nearly finished.

    If that’s not snarky I don’t know what is. I have 9 products that I currently maintain and across all 9 of those products I have 17 open bugs. So yes that is a few and they all require specialist debugging with very different systems. There is over 100k lines of code across those products that I have to maintain, this isn’t an excuse, just to give you an understanding of how big these products are. It all takes time, which you don’t seem to understand.

    It may be a serious bug to you but not to the rest of our users. I believe this is because you’re creating a marketplace that puts all the work load on the marketplace admin. My priority is creating marketplace solutions that the vendors manage. In earlier versions of our products there were no admin options because I believe in providing the best tools to the vendors first. If you think that curating every single product that is submitted is a good idea, then your marketplace is going to have a serious workload issue eventually.

    Regarding your second issue. You wanted to highly modify the functionality of the product edit form, providing a laundry list of changes. Customisation of the product is not covered by support and isn’t covered by ANY plugin’s support that I am aware of. The answer you were provided however was incorrect which I apologise for. You would need to create your own custom edit template with the fields you require. This has nothing to do with our validation library that is being replace in our next major release.

    Bugs happen in software all the time, you gave me less than 2 days to fix the bugs and then when I offered to get to work on it, I got the snarky reply above. All WordPress products and their derivatives come with no warranty implied or otherwise. Learn to understand the GPL, you’ve bought access to support and updates, which you’ve used.

    Again I implore you to be patient so that I can can investigate the bugs and hopefully fix this soon.



    For the record, I might be Australian but I don’t live there.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    For the record, I’m closing this review.

    The review stays but this back and forth doesn’t have any resolution. Someone left a review, the author replied, the end.

    If the reviewer needs or wants support then do so on the author’s site. These volunteer support forums are not for customers.

    As the author is aware, commercial products are not supported in these forums. As you are their customer I am sure they will have no problem supporting you there.

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