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  • IgniteWoo is a ‘company’ that rips off people by selling them non-working WordPress plugins that are most likely stolen from other companies and ‘modified’ by themselves. They are not good at it, because I got a plugin from them that did not work at all. Not even on a fresh WordPress/Woocommerce install.

    Be warned. I’ve been ripped off by them. I bought WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro, and it did not work. I contacted their ‘support’ and they blamed the template I was using. I installed a fresh copy of WordPress with the default template + Woocommerce and their ‘software’ was still not working.

    I asked a refund, they refused.

    Why did I buy it in the first place? Because of the nice slick sales stories on their website. Now I understand what the real reason is why they don’t offer any demo. They say it’s too much work. No DEMO, NO money back guarantee, no nothing.

    We warned. These people WILL rip you off. I’ve lost 99 dollars and got nothing. They revoked my license and refuse a refund.

    I call this stealing. They call it ‘business’.

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