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    I have built a site which is completely off the radar (Google can’t even find it).

    DMSGuestbook has already generated a nice healthy stream of ‘white’ spam – nothing offensive, but clearly auto-publishing links for SEO reasons.

    I’m not saying that DMSGuestbook is directly providing hooks to 3rd parties, but I am saying that a website that isn’t even robot-ready fills up with comments almost immediately. While I am well aware of the abundance of robot activity, this smells entirely fishy to me.

    To use this plugin legitimately, you’ll need to de-spec it from what the spiders are after. Just a warning to those without PHP chops.

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  • Plugin Author DanielSchurter


    Hi rexreason

    – Did you activate any captcha method on DMSGuestbook?
    – Are you sure no one has access to the WordPress installation except you?
    – Are you using the latest WordPress / DMSGuestbook installation?
    – Do you know Akismet? Try it, is very helpful, DMSGuestbook is running with it

    Dani (the fish)

    hi dan, in order:
    1. default 2. yes 3. yes 4. yes, but isn’t the point.

    1. WP is selling traffic
    2. DMS is selling traffic
    3. one of 1 or 2 is happening by a 3rd party (hacker)
    4. robots are just really damn good

    i just feel 4 is a bit much considering the facts.
    it means that DMS-targeting robots are full bore all the time, again seems a stretch.
    if WP and DMS are benign, then someone else is tracking DMSguestbook installs really well.

    don’t mean to be a jerk, but it’s a bit rich to get spam BEFORE launch.
    happy to hear a counter-explanation.

    Plugin Author DanielSchurter


    Hi rexreason

    Sounds weired, do you have access to the webserver access logs?
    I suggest you to analyze these files, maybe you will find out what went wrong.

    I have two WordPress test sites online (site not indexed by robot), but I never got spam on DMSGuestbook or in a comment field.


    The only other thing to add is that I had zero pre-launch and post-launch guestbook spam on another site that used the 1+1=2 scheme instead of captcha – so I would recommend this to others.

    I would also like to say good work on a structurally robust plugin. This thread is only about it being ‘too’ functional. 🙂

    I did have to modify CSS but was impressed with the formatting offered in the prefs.

    I am having the same issue. I cannot even get the re-captcha to show on the form…

    Plugin Author DanielSchurter


    Hi jaclyn_wp_psi

    Create me a WordPress admin account and send me the credentials to DMSGuestbook { at } DAnielSchurter ( DOT ) Net.

    After that I will take a look on it as soon as possible.


    I just sent you the password to the account

    Plugin Author DanielSchurter


    Hi jaclyn_wp_psi

    You have installed “Custom Contact Forms” that disabled reCAPTCHA on DMSGuestbook. I’ve disabled “Custom Contact Forms” for a test, after that DMSGuestbook is running with reCAPTCHA.

    I suggest you to install another contact form, otherwise you can switch back to DMSGuestbook “Antispam image”, but reCAPTCHA would be better.


    So I cannot have 2 on the same website? Is there another captcha that would work well for the form? They really shouldn’t be getting a ton of spam from either of them…

    I know the “I am human” button on the form helps, so I should probably have the best anti-spam on the guestbook and the 2nd best on the contact form…

    FYI: it looks like it was jQuery issue. I just had to turn it off for Custom Contact Form. (all it controls in that is the tool tips)

    I have CAPTCHA and Askimet, but still spam is showing up more then entries

    I have shut down DMS Guestbook on two sites for reasons stated above by others. Hopefully someone will get to the bottom of this soon.

    You dont need a guestbook plugin, wordpress already has everything you need, and here is what I did:

    enable Comments and on every page then go to your screen options and check the ‘discussion’ box.

    On each page either enable or disable comments. On my site I disable on every page except the one I called “Guestbook”. This option is shown at the bottom of every page.

    Install the areyouahuman plugin, enable and add your keys. Go to the Edit Site Options > Game Style: Embedded.

    In the areyouahuman options enable for comments.

    Setting > discussion > change the preferences you want, I made it so anyone can comment and no need for approval, the areyouahuman is very good at keeping the spam away.

    I then added an image that says “guestbook” with text underneath that says “please sign our guestbook”.

    To change the color of the text “leave a comment” search how to do it on the net, its quite easy on most themes. I used graphene theme and use this in custom CSS:

    #comments > h4, #respond > h3, {
    color: #000000;

    To change the text in the comments button go to comments.php and change the relevent text.

    also to change the text on the page from “Leave a Comment” to Sign the Guestbook (also in graphene, but easy enough in many themes) open the functions.php file in the theme folder and put this at the bottom:

    function comment_reform ($arg) {
    $arg[‘title_reply’] = __(‘Sign The Guestbook:’);
    return $arg;

    I hope this helps, Im pretty happy with the outcome 🙂

    [Signature removed]


    oh, i almost forgot, I also added this widget to show them on in the widget area!

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