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    My dev setup was running in DEBUG mode. I ran into 3 things, one of which was “fatal”.

    Note: I’m not sure if these fixes are 100% legit as much as I was trying to stop warnings and/or fix an error. In the end they helped but we’ll have to wait for Zack to sign off on them.

    ** ~line 915 **
    WAS: selected(($list === $config["meta"]["contact_object_name"]));
    FIX: if ( isset($config["meta"]["contact_object_name"]) ){ selected(($list === $config["meta"]["contact_object_name"]));}
    ** ~line 956 **
    WAS: $selected = absint($form->id) == $config["form_id"] ? "selected='selected'" : "";
    FIX: if ( isset($config["form_id"]) ){
    $selected = absint($form->id) == $config["form_id"] ? "selected='selected'" : "";
    ** ~Line 699 **
    WAS: $listtype = ($listtype !== 'objects') ? 'fields' : 'objects';
    FIX: //	$listtype = ($listtype !== 'objects') ? 'fields' : 'objects';

    I couldn’t find a reference to $listype in the getFields method(). This *was* the fatal error but it wasn’t really showing up because it was Ajax triggered (?).

    Lesson of the day: Run in debug before you ship your code 🙂

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  • I can confirm that these fixes solved my problems with the plugin and debug mode turned on.

    I think there’s one other that shows as a warning. When I see it again I’ll fix it and then post the patch here.

    Have these been fixed?

    I scanned the release notes since and didn’t see any mention of it.

    I certainly would help. At least I for one believe so 🙂


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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