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    Love your plugin but I am having an issue that I cannot seem to resolve. I have set up events categories. The main events category works fine and displays events from all categories however when I click on an event category link I get this error message at the top of the page:

    Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /homepages/7/d446195118/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/events-manager/classes/em-category-taxonomy.php on line 22

    The page content eventually loads but it isn’t formatted like the main event category and the error message remains at the top.

    Any help you can give me to get this functioning propoerly is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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  • hi,

    just to narrow down the problem have you try to temporarily;

    – disabling other plugins to see if one this causes a conflict
    – switching to default theme (twenty twelve) to ruled out any theme specific problems

    Sorry, I should have mentioned that – yes I tried disabling othe plugin and switching to default theme but it doesn’t change anything.

    The URL is

    the 2 categories are events tab and the sub-menus class schedule and vacations & day trips.

    Hi there,

    I’ve got the same issue with Events Manager. I avoided the problem by switching back to a previous realease of EM.

    The file em-category-taxonomy.php has changed since the version 5.3.3
    As I’m not able to figure out what causes this error message, I tried the version 5.3.2 and everything went back to normal. That’s a first step.

    Does anyone have a clue of a way to fix this properly?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    have you tried the latest update (5.3.5)? I think that’ll fix this problem.

    I’m guessing in both your cases you don’t have a category page defined, if so then the latest update accounts for that.

    In my case, I was using the latest update on my local website (under development) and I’ve got the same problem. And yet, I do have a category page defined under

    I don’t know why and how but I just moved my site to live server and I don’t get this error message anymore.
    Thanks for your help Marcus.

    Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for your reply. I am using 5.3.5 on WP 3.5. Still having this issue. I went back and created a new category which I made the default category under General Options > Default Category under settings and that page too gives an error message.

    Is that what you meant by defining a category page? Any advice?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    no, by that I mean a categories (typo in last comment) page, i.e. defined in Events > Settings > Pages > Categories

    without it, and with our formatting enabled we’re tricking WP into thinking this is a page but in the recent WP update something changed so that it complains with the above message.

    Will look into this further, however defining a default categories page does fix this problem.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    btw, this will also apply to tags pages, although in this case there’s no page to assign as a ‘tags’ page.

    Thanks for the clarification but still not having any luck. I did revert back to 5.3.2 and the issue is resolved however I see there were some important updates since then.

    It works for the all the category pages now except that my category pages use the first event title in the category list as the page title even though I have set it to #_CATEGORYNAME.

    Marcus do you have any advice to get these issues resolved? Many thanks in advance!

    For instance this page’s title should be “Classes” not “Orality in James Joyce Conference”

    Plugin Author Marcus


    did you try my suggestion r.e. create a categories page?

    no, by that I mean a categories (typo in last comment) page, i.e. defined in Events > Settings > Pages > Categories

    currently that’s the only way to get this working without that warning (unless you disable our formatting option for category pages), looking into ways around that.

    Yes, I created a new page and defined it as category page but no luck. Thanks for your help.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    there’s two issues here… one is the php warning and the other is a title problem. does adding a categories page fix the php warning (it should do)?

    regarding titles, someone else had a similar issue, and we never figured out why, but they removed that particular event from the category that was replacing the title and it seemed to have fixed the problem.

    when they recreated (not duplicated) the same event with the same details and re-added it to the category the problem seemed to go away. maybe worth a try?

    Adding a category page does not resolve the issue in my case : (

    I tried delating all the events and adding new but that didn’t change the category from showing either.

    The main events page displays just fine with the title in v 5.3.2 but it is the other categories that don’t display the category title.

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