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  • It took awhile, but WP 2.6 now allows the wp-config.php file to be moved above the area that the public can access.

    When WP needs to access the config file it knows to look for wp-load.php, which in turn will access the relocated config file.

    Unfortunately, some plugins look specifically for the config file and know nothing about wp-load.php. In one case where this occurred was resolved by changing all instances of wp-config.php to wp-load.php and the plugin worked fine. The plugin developer was contacted and has fixed the problem and due to release an update to address the issue.

    WP does not include in their plugin compatibility test a test for a relocated config file. I know this because the plugin that brought the issue to light is listed as being compatible with WP 2.6–and it is not.

    I was wondering if others who have relocated the config file have also found this a problem with plugins.

    It would be great if WP’s compatibility test included the relocation of the config file.

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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    WordPress does not have any sort of “Compatibility Test” that I know of. So… what are you talking about, exactly?

    Hi Otto,

    At the top of the plugin forum you’ll notice a sticky link, which ultimately leads to a page to check the compatibility of plugins with the version of WP you are using.

    WordPress 2.6 plugin compatiability:

    The plugin referred to in my earlier post is listed except it is not compatible with WP 2.6 if the wp-config.php is relocated. Relocation is recommended for security reasons–as I’m sure you know.

    As everything in the Codex that page is done and maintaned by volunteers based on their own experience.

    Feel free to log in, and edit – adding your valid observation about the incompatibilities when wp-config is moved!


    Would it be possible to add a brief mention about the relocation of wp-config.php at the top of the plugin compatibility page? I’ve talked with a few long time users of WordPress and when they updated to WP 2.6 they failed to notice that it is now possible to relocate the config file.

    Personally, I think it was a good decision to permit relocation of the config file. Unfortunately, it creates a situation where a plugin may work with WP 2.6 with the config file in its old position, but not work if it has been relocated to a more secure area.

    I’d like to suggest that the compatibility test mention if the plugin was tested with the config file relocated or not. Otherwise the Codex page is questionable for anyone who has taken the precaution of relocating the config file.

    I have to quote myself from the post above:

    Feel free to log in, and edit – adding your valid observation

    Anybody can edit the Codex, it’s a wiki. Please, join!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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