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  • I wanted to install a plugin called Custom Google Search Options. I grabbed it went to activate it and saw the warning if I get the above error to uninstall or deactivate it. I tried but it will not let me un-install or de-activate. I don’t know how to resolve this it is my wp-content/plugins file. Please please help.

    I read all the posts but they are 2 years old and not about 3.71

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    All of the code is stored on wp not an external site. and this is the message that first appears. Sorry I am new to this

    The magic method __get() must have public visibility and cannot be static in /home/yianh809/public_html/ on line 482.

    I can’t use FTP within wordpress so I am lost what to do.

    Delete that plugin Custom Google Search Options via FTP/ your hosting control panel so that you may be able to login to your dashboard.

    Someone else set up with account for me. And they are no longer available so I don’t even know where it is hosted from. is there no where i can get to my site ? I am desperate

    is there a way to reload the plugins ? onto my site

    To find out who hosts your site:

    If that does not help, find out the person who set up your site, and get from him your hosting info including your username and password and get access to your hosting account. Without that you cannot do anything to resolve your problems.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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