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    I’ve searched and searched and apparently no one is having this problem, but I very much doubt that.

    Basically when multiple authors are logged in and you come across a post that you both have access to, you might see this warning in a pink box at top of the Post>Edit area:

    Warning: [author name] is currently editing this post

    But, that author is, in fact, not currently editing that post. I’m wondering a couple things:

    1) what is causing this warning
    2) how to make it behave correctly
    3) (less so), what is the mechanism (Jquery?) or how/why is this behavior happening (is it a caching problem, timeout problem, what?)

    Thanks in advance

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  • no one else has this problem? bump!

    Ok I pulled some strings and got this explanation from some WP high-ups:

    When a user edits a post it gets locked and the autosave keeps that lock up while the user has the post open in the browser. When that user navigates away from the edit page or quits the browser, the lock is still active for several minutes (AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL which by default is 2 min. * 2). This lock timeout can be changed with the filter ‘wp_check_post_lock_window’.

    I think the lock timeout can safely be set at AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL + 35 (30 sec. is the usual connection timeout). If that’s still too long, perhaps the interval can be reduced a bit. It can be set as constant in wp-config: define(‘AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL’, 90); where 90 is in seconds.

    What this means is that I had set my autosave interval to way high and that the author is logged in and editing was also set to the SAME TIME.

    This is critical to know if you’re messing with the autosave interval.

    And now you know. They are tied to the same time.



    Thanks for this tip. Is there anyway to separate the too? I have my Autosave set for 2 hours and it needs to be set that high.

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