• Proper programming would expect a duplicated product in it’s own ‘namespace’ or ‘data object’ for easy reuse and independency, importing components like select, textfield, radio button.. change an option = no problem, no influince on other products

    Not with this module! (licence purchased).

    IMPORTANT: NEVER EVER Should a user be able to overwrite data without notice, un-aware! Ruining your database, showing products as 0,- cost – This is simply not done. (*1)
    ( you can start giving your webshop products away for free with this module )

    Been using WordPress since 2009, been very happy and greatfull using it. Never had to do with this kind of nonsence/developer.

    This developer let’s website data input users choose, ‘save to DB or not to save to DB selects’, ‘sync or not to sync’ and ‘fetch the rule’ if you choose wrongly, you are lost.

    If your site consists of thousands of products you WILL easely overwrite other products, un-aware. Continue and you will ruin your website rendering your work a disaster.

    Call on support and you will get answers as read the docs! Your fault, check the variables. ( Docs where broken and incomplete btw & fixed because of me)

    Lost 5 days.

    Littary from the docs:

    … So, by changing settings and saving them with ‘save to DB’ you actually overwrite this option and all other instances in any other products may become broken!

    Good luck with that!

    5 stars? HA! Joke. Should not be used, rather be removed.

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  • Plugin Author moomooagency


    This user did not read the documentation. This is the reason of their frustration and anger and all those rude words which were said in emails. We understand this and are sad because of unfair review left. This is a real evidence what happens when you do not read the docs in advance.

    Thread Starter chrisdevriese


    I expected this dishonest answer:

    1) Developer ignores point *1 in my original feedback
    2) The docs have quickly been updated with missing parts to hide missing information so he can play innocent. After me having spend 5 days in the dark corrupting my site. More important thanks to me they have been updated but still don’t explain properly the different sync options. A bloated silly feature caused by bad programming skills. Be Warned! Impossible this module gets so many 5 stars in the current state. ( fraud? )

    Plugin Author moomooagency


    1) Your point 1 is simply not true. There is a checkbox ‘save to DB’ which clearly states that you are going to save something to DB. And of course Uni CPO does not ruin DB in any way. DB stays healthy and functioning all the time. Such a strong word is used for such a big lie.

    2) Quickly. Yes, I quickly reviewed and fixed it. Within 3 hours. Thanks for admitting that my support was fast! 🙂 I don’t understand, why 1 star then? Did you expect waiting for days?)) … Ok, I have a screenshot of our emails that testifies that I did not play anything: http://moomoo.agency/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Screenshot-2020-07-16-at-11.12.54-2.png It can be seen that I admitted the problem and promised to fix it soon. In response I got only threats (extremely rude behaviour!). I fulfilled my promise and pointed to the important articles in the updated docs.

    Thread Starter chrisdevriese


    My database is still corrupt after 5 days, this would make anyone angry.

    If you want to get into trouble do buy this module.

    Other real people have been complaining with 1 star.

    all your feedback is useless, does not find solutions and your programming skills are awfull.

    Send as many replies as you want, wont change a bit.

    I end my case.

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