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  • hi guys, i’m trying to blog via wapblogger ( which uses xmlrpc to post, and worked great years ago while i was a bloggerDOTcom user.. but i don’t really know if my problem has something to do with wordpress.. i explain myself:
    i use a wap browser emulator, specify my username and password, and say wapblogger to log into
    i works, says i’m logged in, shows my blog title with a link that i have to follow to post. at this point i get something like a session error, telling me that there is no session and i have to log in again.
    is that a sort of cookie issue? maybe the emulator doesn’t support cookies? before i catch my mobile and blog i would like to be sure i can, just not to waste money with error messages or something.. any ideas about that?

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  • I hope, no-one minds this ‘ad’ here, but maybe you want to try my WAP-Logging tool?
    It can’t do many things right now, in fact, I just started developing it and it’s far from having any good features, but it can already post single posts to one weblog and it works quite well with wordpress.
    In case, you use it, I’d be very happy to get some feedback.

    I was just fooling around with the xmlrpc posting interface using a clean install of wordpress-072-gold, and was having an issue much like you describe. It looks like by default wordpress tries to write some debugging info into the file pingback.log when a post is done through the xmlrpc functions. You can either create a webserver writable file called pingback.log in the top level directory of your wordpress install, or go into the file xmlrpc.php on line 1691 and comment out the statement that sets $debug to 1. Before I did this I was getting error messages back from the post, and now it works perfectly.

    pingback_ping() function is only used when using the MoveableType API into xmlrpc.php in WordPress. The $debug=1 you are talking about, affects the pingback() functions inside of b2functions.php
    I would just like to say that if any other APIs were used with your wapblogger(if that were configurable), this problem would not occur.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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