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  1. denkert
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I'm not supernew to WordPress, however, I don't code much myself. I do have friends that could help out though so what I need to find is:

    - A plugin with a simple, clean and nice forum where members can register and post. Is this possible with BuddyPress? I'd like to divide the forum into different categories.

    - A plugin with a tool where people can create their own albums where they can put their own photos and/or text. This gallery-tool should be somehow connected to their profile which they use to post in the forum.

    Meaning: I want people to be able to create profiles of which they can use to post albums and create threads/posts in the forum.

    Anyone can point me in the right direction for this? I'm using the theme "ReLaunch" right now ([ link deleted, that theme provider is not-GPL compatible and not welcomed here ]).

    Have a fantastic day!!

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  2. dgodfather
    Posted 3 years ago #

    This would be a gaming review site or what?

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