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    The importer worked well, maintained all the categories and tags etc, so I thought this was going to be a great, instant solution to cloning all my Tumblr content in a searchable, dynamically indexed way within my site. Unfortunately though, the way it handles content was not what I expected nor especially useful.

    My tumblr posts are almost exclusively in the ‘image’ category and I had assumed the ‘importer’ would clone the geography of my blog but while still linking to the images/content hosted by tumblr. Instead it replaced all my images with scaled down duplicates that it hosted in the wp content folder. Why would I want this? Why would I want all my content replaced by essentially thumbnail duplicates and why would I want a bunch of media hosted on my own site?

    The whole point of moving to web 2.0 services is to avoid the bandwidth and attack problems associated with hosting ones own files. I had assumed I was getting a new way to present already hosted content, in much the way that various dynamic galleries I use fish my content on other services. But no, I suddenly find my ftp filling up with hundreds of clone images? Seems a bit pointless.

    Shame, because otherwise it worked.

    Please update in such a way as you’re not actually ‘importing’ media, only the blog dynamics. And that the externally hosted media is presented desirably…

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  • Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Please update in such a way as you’re not actually ‘importing’ media, only the blog dynamics.

    No, we won’t be doing that. The purpose of an importer is to import all the data. The idea is that once you have copied all the data to your new site, you stop using and delete or remove the old one. Hosting your images on Tumblr while presenting them on your WordPress site doesn’t really make any sense.

    As for the image sizes, the images are imported at their full size. How they are displayed on your site is really more a matter of your theme. If you’re seeing thumbnails, then it’s probably presenting them to you in a gallery format instead of single images.

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