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  • Before I start, let me say that I’ll PAY for the integration here.

    I’d like a Q&A plugin that will make questions public, with some add-ons.

    So here’s what I want

    1. Any viewer can ask a question. It goes into moderation queue.
    2. I then moderate everything.
    3. It works with the SEO Ultimate plugin’s Deeplinks Juggernaut (for inner links)


    • I don’t want users registering on my sites, if I can avoid it. Not sure why, I just don’t trust it.
    • So I’ll need some spam protection and moderation. Nothing automatically posted.

    In a PERFECT World:

    1. Any viewer can ask a question. It goes into moderation queue.
    2. As spam protection, make them opt into a MailChimp list. Once they are opted in, the question goes live on a new URL (preferably SEO-optimized URL).
    3. Anyone can answer a question. But their email needs to be opted into MailChimp before it goes public.
    4. I still moderate everything.

    Nothing is using MailChimp like this, so in the meantime I’d have to find some other options to start from. – Wp-Answers, WordPress Question & Answers Plugin : Features – This seems overkill, but might be able to do what I want. – WordPress – DZS Support Tickets / Forums – Public or Private Support Tickets – WordPress Q&A Plugin – WPMU Dev – WPMU has questions section. $19 includes a month of upgrades and support. They never answered my email questions last time I asked for this.

    Anyone with experience on this? Use any of these plugins? Anyone interested in working on it with me?

    Will pay for this kind of thing, just not sure where to start.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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