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  • I’ve been working on an older website, and just recently found a good theme which covers my needs.

    It’s about online marketing, and without long lists of one advertisement after the other. The websites url is

    Some feedback would be much appreciated.
    And while judging it, please look at it as one who would search for ways of making an income online. As those are my primary target.



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  • Hi

    Post heading need some bold display as it is diffcult to differiate between article and post headlines


    If you’re thinking about the IAHBE for one, I got insane issues with it. Removed it from the widgets, but it’s still there. Even on browsers which didn’t know it before. Gotta love bugs.

    I am quite new at this, so I’m not too sure of what you refer to – the blog posts, or what?



    It’s coming along.

    My gut is that you may be feeling the need to venture too far away from the original theme.

    I’m getting a lot of black on my display. Maybe you are currently working on it.

    Definitely need a better header, get that sorted out. Go and download a free preview of Adobe Illustrator, easy as pie to create nice looking text. Just look up instructions on youtube. Illustrator + youtube = nice header text.

    Other than the header, and a few colors, I would stay as tight to that theme as possible.

    check me out

    [Link removed], but that is in blogger, but the header was made in illustrator, maybe a bit fancy, but I have minimal skills.

    My suggestion is to tone down the header (ok, alot) and make the slider the main focus.

    I like woothemes – but they are a pain to hack into “your vision”. I ended up switching to something different.

    Also a few things.. if you want your content to be the main focus then I would suggest widening the center content to have it be more of the focus.

    And… if your selling a service? Maybe make just the header and the slider as the main page with links to your other content?

    Just some ideas to throw out there.

    I toned down on the header – in fact I made a custom. Using the Adobe Illustrator, great tool btw.

    avgjoe: I’m not too focused on selling a service here. More like selling a free opportunity.

    I’m still not into black, love me some white websites.

    I have never worked with woot themes, but you may want to consider something else.

    I have never built a site where i didn’t entirely scrap my original design. I’m not a pro of course, but sometimes its faster.

    I made another site in K2, and was thrilled with it. Spend like 3 weeks fcuking around with K2 to end up with something that looked nothing like K2.

    Now I think that was a big waste. K2 is chill, but too plain.

    Anyhow, check out Elegant Themes. You may be able to find a sample theme to download somewhere. I would pay them if you make some money.

    Nova from elegant themes is slick. But it would require a really nice image to fill that giant featured item spot.

    Maybe even a few images.

    Also, you could easily make that header with a clear background.

    If you want something easy to fix, those pages on the slider are turning way too fast.

    Changed slider speed from 3 seconds to 5 seconds. Found it slightly better 🙂

    I picked this theme for the slider, and the 3 nice spots to fill out, so I could stand out from other affiliate/mlm building sites, bombed with one advertisement after the other, being a pain to see.

    I’ll take a look at Elegant Themes tomorrow, and see if find anything fitting, thanks for mentioning it 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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