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  • Bracketpress is solid, but I’d like something more flexible. And if it already exists, awesome, clue me in…but I can’t find it. Something that doesn’t require that there be 64 “teams” to start (this is where Bracketpress is falling down on me). I’m going to continue using the “teams” word here loosely, but you could be running a competition where you’re voting for “hottest model”, or a talent competition, or “best performance”, or anything in a similar vein.

    In a perfect world, I would see it operating like so:

    Admin Setup would include:

    – How many “teams”? Obviously, must fit within the “bracketing” system in number – 4, 8, 16, 32, 64

    – Define “teams”. Enter a name and a seeding/ranking, possibly a description area for each “team”, as well as a “division”/”location” so that you can have regions.

    – Ideally, “seeding” could also be done randomly.

    – Define timing between each round, if desired. In other words, Round 1 voting takes place [date] to [date], or “for 7 days”; Round 2 voting takes place [date] to [date]…lather, rinse, repeat.

    – Allow for “only vote once per [x]”, with [x] being “site visitors may only vote once per day”, “once per round”, etc.

    Front end would:

    – Render brackets as defined above

    – Allow voting. For each pairing as defined within the bracket, site visitor clicks to vote for a favorite.

    Back end would:

    – Store votes from front end

    – At end of each round, progress “winners” to next round of brackets

    Thoughts? Like I said, if there’s something out there I’m missing, by all means point me at it.

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  • gnirsh


    I’d love something like this as well. Did you ever find something that worked for you echodave?

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