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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Use nightlies if:
    1 – You are running a testblog
    2 – You are perfectly happy for any sort of breakage to happen
    3 – You accept that help fixing any breakage might not be immediately available.
    4 – You accept that the code “may or may not work at all”

    Yes the code may be doing wonderful things, but unless you are content for your blog to act in mysterious ways, then please do not use them.
    And if you do, do not post issues to the Troubleshooting forum – all issues must be posted into the ‘Beta Discussion’ forum.

    Backing up a current installation BEFORE using a nightly is strongly recommended ….. you could lose data otherwise.

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  • “She moves in mysterious ways, ahhhhh.”

    ….and since my level of competence is low. Very low. I’ll just wait for the release.

    If you are able, just build a test site and go ahead and mess with a nightly. There’s not a better way to learn this stuff than to break it and then fix it. Podz and I are both very experienced in the “breaking it” aspect. 🙂

    But, like Podz also mentioned, just don’t use it for your regular site, unless you are very confident in your skills to deal with any problems.

    Most of all, just have fun!

    I accept all that BUT when all those criteria are met AND we still have problems, what are we to do? Ask for help? Pfft! Cue the standard answer “Nightlies are for ….. blah, blah, blah.” There still needs to be a point at which things just work. Beta or no.

    you know, screw it, I don’t know why I’m even bother ing to post this, no one is going to read it.


    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    tg – I have flagged that thread in irc, and will do to matt and rboren.


    That’s when you use mosquito and make useful, descriptive bug reports.

    A Google search for “powered by WordPress 1.5” currently produces 96,700 hits. That’s one heck of a lot of “testblogs”.

    Blame companies like Google for ruining the meaning of ‘beta’ by having gmail/groups/news/etc be “betas” for years on end.

    Now it seems that the accepted meaning of “beta” is, “the cool new version.” Not “hmmm, this could be broken.”

    Now that WP is in beta and out of alpha, the only thing that means is the API has stabilised, mostly. Any changes from here to release are going to be bug fixes.

    I would imagine that’s because of the number of themes and plugins that require 1.5. I’m sure this is encouraging more people to use the beta software than would otherwise be doing so.

    What will you do to us? Should I be afraid?

    If you have troubles with the nightlies, write a bug. I check the “Beta Discussion” forum fairly regularly, but I can’t and don’t read every thread. I read every bug report, however. I don’t necessarily fix that bug on the spot though. 😉

    Discussion of betas is fine and good and appreciated, it’s just the “I upgraded to 1.5 and my site broke you guys suck help me now” threads and emails and instant messages that get tiresome. That’s what we’re trying to head off at the pass although the battle seems to be a losing one. Momentum toward 1.5 has increased markedly since the beginning of the year.

    podz – don’t bother, I’ve already taken the necessary steps to *cough* correct the situation. Don’t worry about it.

    Kitten – I have…. and the last few times I have, it’s been written off as I “seem to be the only person with the problem.” The issue in question that’s set me off is the referers issue. It flat out does not work. But no one wants to see that. No one wants to take to the time to find out why it is so flaky. It isn’t my fire wall, it isn’t the server, it isn’t my browser. That only leave the WP code. The only alternative left to me in the referes thread was to change hosts. WTF?! What kind of solution is that? I pay good money, and WP worked just fine until last week. Not to mention the siteurl option setting.

    timesight- I doubt those are unique sites… that text is going to appear on every page that’s indexed. That means everybody’s individual posts.


    — sorry if this sounds all so snippy, but I’ve tried, and I’ve tried and I’m just simply not feeling the luv any more folks.

    — annoyingly irritated gnome thread recinded —

    There, better? Still doesn’t help me.

    Well, I still love you. And from the POV of someone who tries desperately to find answers for people, I feel the frustrations too. From login issues to the referrer issue now, there have been some bumps, but isn’t that to be expected?

    moose hugs all around for everyone

    Each of those “features” can be worked around by commenting out one line. The siteurl has stuff has been on ongoing experiment that may or may not work out in the end. As for the referrer issue, perhaps we can make check_admin_referer() plugin replaceable.

    I tried it on a test site, saw a couple of things that didn’t work or didn’t work the same, but it’s a good enough product I can deal with that. OTOH, if something’s broken, it seems that posting the problem would be helpful in a beta forum. If one person is having the problem and speaks up, there are probably 100 having it who didn’t. Better to fix the issue while it’s in beta, right?

    FWIW, if I ever found a fix for a problem before somebody smarter did, I’d post that, too.

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