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  • Hi there,

    So, a client has approached me requesting that a blog to be added on the site at I immediately thought of wordpress as the best platform, but the thing is, the site was already built using wordpress…

    So, once I have been granted admin rights by someone, is there a possible way to enable the blog features again? I haven’t been able to take a look around, but I would imagine that the blog php functions have been commented out on the site.

    My only real issue is that typically when I have customized a wordpress template to be more of a website instead of a blog, the home page would normally have the features of posts but in the case at, the home page has been modified very significantly so I don’t know where the blog would be even featured on the site.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Although there may be no page assigned in the Settings as the main “blog page” the site is using posts in categories that are linked from the main menu. So, you could create a new category called Blog, put some posts in it, and add a link to it from the menu. Luckily there’s room there for about one more link.

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