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  • How can I remove the white space below the main menu, above the content? There’s about an inch of space before the page content begins and I would like to reduce it to about 4 mm.

    The theme I am using is Elucidate and I have a custom CSS option with jetpack. Here is the link to my site:

    Any specific solutions would be greatly appreciated. I have read several threads for similar issues but none of the solutions offered have worked for me. Thanks in advance!

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  • The style that define this white space is written on line 744 in the theme style.css file. DO NOT edit there, but as you said, write safe custom css from the plugin or from a child theme.

    #masthead {
    	margin-bottom: 0;

    One tip: i dont suggest you to change it to 0px 🙂 I find it looking good at margin-bottom: 30px. (i work as designer/front-end dev if that could convince you)

    Thank you xavortm.

    That is the type of solution I am looking for, but I put that in my CSS style sheet editor and nothing happened 🙁 Was that the right thing to do? Do I have to write anything else with it?

    I have one more change in the editor that hides page titles. Does it matter where the new code is in relation to what’s already in there?

    At the end of the file.

    Yeah, I agree with aclosetaffair… this did not work (I put it in my child theme… Anyone else know how to do this properly?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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