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    I am new to wordpress and new to the Path theme as well.

    After few days of searching I finally found the theme I was looking for. I like the ‘Path’ theme very much. Thanks Sami for this wonderful theme.

    By going thru other threads in this forum I found out how to remove the author name and date from the posts. But still don’t know how to remove “posted in Uncategorized” from all the posts.
    Please help

    Roy Augustine

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  • Theme Author Sami Keijonen



    You can hide it like this.

    .entry-meta {
    display: none;

    Put it in your child theme style.css. You can get blank child theme from here.

    Path Child

    And thanks for liking my theme!

    Thank you Sami for the help.
    It worked.

    Currently I am using the below code for removing the “Published by” and the “date” from the posts. (I know nothing about coding. The below code I got from another question in this forum and I just modified it)


    add_filter( "{$prefix}_byline", 'my_byline', 11 );
    function my_byline( $byline ) {
    		$byline = '';
    		return $byline;

    Is there a way this can be accomplished by adding code to the css file? I mean, disable “published by”, “date”, “posted in” for all posts in the site.

    Theme Author Sami Keijonen



    Yes but that’s even better way because there is literally no html in the markup.

    Or you can just use inside setup function in child theme functions.php.

    add_filter( "{$prefix}_byline", '__return_false' );

    Thanks Sami.

    It worked.

    Hi Sami,

    I copyed the extact code above to the path child theme style.css. Nothing happened on the website.
    Would you please give me some suggestions 🙂
    How to remove “posted in Uncategorised” and the Author description box under every Post?
    Thank you so much!

    Thank you!

    Theme Author Sami Keijonen



    Could you open new topic for your question.

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