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    I have one post that I have turned off comments. I figured out how to turn remove “COMMENTS HAVE BEEN TURNED OFF”. But I want to remove the one remaining comment bubble and the text “COMMENTS OFF”. How do I do this?

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  • You need to modify the PHP in your single.php script to look at whether comments are on or off.

    You can wrap all of the comment functionality in your theme file (single.php) with:

    if ( comments_open()) {
    //comment stuff from theme in here

    You may have to play games with php tags (<?php or ?>) in order to make this work.

    Sorry I am pretty new to all of this. Can you be more specific?

    The specificity of this depends on your theme and how it is set up. What theme are you using? Can you link me to the web page for the theme?

    Or, could you post the contents of the single.php script here?

    THEME: Greyzed


    single.php SCRIPT:

    Try replacing line 52:
    <?php comments_template(); ?>
    with this:
    if ( comments_open()) {

    Unfortunately that did not work. I tried pasting it in exactly as you have it written and then also tried to make it one “sentence”. Neither worked.

    I don’t know how to remove the text “comments off”, but the single comment that was already placed can be simply removed if you are the admin. it should have a little (edit) line somewhere.

    There are no comments on the post. I have turned them off. What remains in the default “Comments Off” within the imagery that was coded into the theme. This is NOT to be confused with the “COMMENTS ARE CLOSED”. I have already removed that.

    Can you please share the URL where you are still having the problem?

    Same URL that I’ve been posting.

    I meant, the specific url to the specific post where you are seeing the issue.

    My apologies… that actually was the URL where it was happening. I have made a lot changes so at this point the question is moot because I have reorganized the site. But I would still love to know how to do it. I imagine in it’s the comment.php somewhere.

    Hi Everyone,

    Please note that the Greyzed theme has been re-released with a big upgrade and is available here on our new theme shop:


Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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