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  • I am in the process of migrating my site form one server to another, I thought this would be a great time to implement the new multi-user capabilities of wordpress, I have 28 blogs for local cities, that all currently have a separate installed version of wordpress, on the new server they are all separate users. The issue I am having is this, under the old setup the urls were like this

    because wordpress is not the main part of my site it resides in a subdirectory called blogs so the new url is like this

    the problem is I don’t want to lose all of my incoming links, I have tried setting the home field in the DB to but I still get a 404 not found

    I have made several attempts in .htaccess but so far am unsuccessful, my latest attempt looking like this

    RewriteRule ^wyddaytona(.*) /blog/wyddaytona$1

    that is in the .htaccess in the root directory, this brings me to a wordpress page that tells me no posts matched my criteria but if I try to hit the without the rewrite in .htaccess I just get a 404

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