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  • I have a person who keeps commenting on my blog that is becoming a bit of a troll. Right now, I don’t have comments moderated.

    I’d really like to send the troll’s comments to moderation without having to send all comments to moderation. Is there any way to do that?

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  • Does this person use the same IP address or e-mail address?

    Yes, this person does.

    Then you can. You can just write a simple PHP script for the table titled wp_comments where

    – You make an SQL query for comment_author_email or comment_author_IP for the last post.
    – If there is a match, update comment_approved with value = 1.

    I won’t write an entire script. But it shouldn’t be difficult. And I’m not a PHP expert.

    I have never written a scrip for PHP before so I still have some questions. I think I know what to do but when I check the SQL wp-comments I see that the default for comment_approved is 1. Does that mean that if a comment has a value of 1 it is approved?




    you dont need to write a script.

    just go get wp-ban and out the person’s IP in there.

    Actually, I think I figured out an easier way. I went to Settings > Discussion and then placed this person’s e-mail and IP in the comment moderation box. I just tested it using the e-mail address and it went to moderation.

    Now I feel silly. If I’d read the directions for that section more closely I would know I could do it that way.

    Thanks for your help, though. I do appreciate it.

    Ohh… That’s quite interesting. I’ve educated myself as well. Than you, too.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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