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  • Sorry if this is not the right place to ask this question but at least if it’s not a good idea for SEO I will find out here.

    My logo is in my pages header. As you can see it’s alt is the title of my website. I would like to make my logo my global H1 then I will tag the first content on all pages as H2 This way I will get all green checks here.

    Your focus keyword was found in:
    Article Heading: Yes (1)
    Page title: Yes (1)
    Page URL: Yes (1)
    Content: No
    Meta description: Yes (1)

    Is this a good idea? My pages need to be clean looking. Adding content on some of them other than an H2 will really ruin the look of my site.

    If it’s all good would wrapping H1 tags around this cod do the trick?

    <a rel="home" title="STEVE RUDDY PHOTOGRAPHY" href=""><img border="0" alt="STEVE RUDDY PHOTOGRAPHY" src=""></a>

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  • catacaustic


    very awesome

    No, that’s a bad idea. You want each page to be set for it’s own keywords, not a site-wide keyword.

    It will take some time but to do the SEO the right way you want to optimise each page on your site for different keywords. There’s always a lot of variations that you can get into any area, and in most cases the page title will be what you want to base the keywords around. This will give you the most changes of getting good rankings because you’re not competing with yourself for the same keyword on every page. You also need some variety or else there’s a good chance that you’ll hit some filter that Google has either now or in the future that looks for duplicate H(x) tags over the site. They look for a huge amount of factors, so I’m pretty sure that they’d be onto that already.

    You say that you don’t want to add something other them a H2, but that’s not a good arguement. All you need to do is style the H1 tags the right way and they’ll look the way that you want them to. Use the H1’s for the main page titles because that’s what they are meant for.

    I think I get what your saying catacaustic. I will style my h1 to look smaller like my h2 does now and make h2 look like h3 as I don’t use any h3 yet. The only problem I have is that I won’t be adding content to at least my home page and maybe some others. This means I won’t get a green check for content because I won’t have any. I’m thinking this is not a big deal because as it is now if someone searches for portrait photography in guerneville CA my home page without content comes up as the second or third link.

    BTW cool username and avatar. We have 3 Mainecoons. 🙂

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