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  • hi, I wanted to install these two plugins in my blog, but they are conflicting with eachother..and I don’t know how to fix that..??

    the two conflicting plugins are this one:

    Amazon Wishlist

    which shows your entire amazon wishlist in another page..

    and this one.

    which shows just a random item from your wishlist in your sidebar..

    I thought that would be a cood idea, to show a random item on the side, then underneath that, have a link to the other plugin that shows your entire wishlist inside your blog on multiple pages like that….

    I currently have the random one working on my blog right now, but i tried to install the other one and I’m getting duplicate function errors all over the place 🙁

    anyone have an idea how to fix this?


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  • whooami



    “I’m getting duplicate function errors all over the place”

    edit one of the plugins, and change the names of the conflicting functions.

    I tried that, it didn’t work, it must be more then one fuction in the code causing the conflict,

    and since I am NOT a PHP programmer, I have no clue WHERE in the code to make all the necessary changes at..

    but if I did, the one I would “change” or modify, is this one..

    since the other one is already functioning on my site, this one is the one I added and cannot get to work…

    thats why I asked, if it was as easy as just changing the name of a conflicting function, I wouldn’t have asked, I’m not “that” dense 🙂 I’m just not a programmer, and I tried that and I’m still getting conflicts, so I need some help from soneone who knows a little more about writing plugins then I do, which is practically zippo. hehe




    it would be helpful to know the names of the functions that are erroring .. in fact, i would like to see the errors, if there are not too many, paste them here within backticks please. If there are more than a few errors use a pastebin service to display them, or gimme a url to your blog so I can see them for myself.

    If youre willing to do one of those, ill take a look at the plugins — Im not willing to install 2 plugins on my own blogs just to see errors that you already have.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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