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  • I’m a teacher, and for my class blogs I’d like a sidebar widget that displays all the authors and how many comments each author has posted. Like this:

    Alice (3)
    Bob (5)
    Charlie (4)

    etc., where the names are the display names, not the usernames. (E.g., for John Smith, if his username is johns I want his display name, “John”, not “johns”.

    The closest I’ve come is a sidebar widget in CubePoints, but it shows the usernames, not the display names.

    “Featuring CountComments” shows comments per author on the Users page in the Dashboard, but there’s no way to show that information publicly. (I want students to see how many comments they have posted, and how many comments their classmates have posted.)

    This seems like it should be very easy to do, but apparently no one else wants to do this, because I have searched and searched in vain.

    Ideally there would be a way to indicate which authors are included in the list, but at this point I’m not too picky . . .

    Any help out there?

    Many thanks,


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