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  • I want to create multiple blogs. Can I use the same local host to create them.

    I’ve set up my local host, set up my blog. Now, I want to create and manage a website/blog for a client. I should be able to use the database I created locally, but confused when I want to access the settings page.

    Does that make any sense?

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  • You could install WordPress Multisite on localhost as your main site. Or install WordPress in a subfolder of your localhost, so then you can have as many wordpress blogs as you create subfolders.

    The easy way is to use something like DesktopServer Limited (free) at

    @steveorevo beat me to the reply, but i typed so much and dont want to waste it, lol but basically what Steveorevo said.. or..

    what i do is,

    1. create a new database in phpmyadmin, create a new clients folder in your www folder,
    2. make a copy of your current wordpress files in the www folder and copy them to the new clients folder.
    3. edit the wpconfig file in your new clients folder to reflect the new database (credentials) you created.
    4. open my phpmyadmin and find in the wp_options table, the siteurl and home values and change them to reflect your clients url e.g (localhost/client)
    5. Navigate to localhost/client in your browser

    Basically you have made a copy of your site but this way all your plugins etc will be preserved and you wont have to install them all over again, you might get some broken image references but you can fix those with a plugin

    hope it helps

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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