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[resolved] Want to change the background color of the footer when the site in narrow view (1 post)

  1. graphics616
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have been working with a child theme to change the colors and layout of the-bootstrap to fit a site I am making responsive. I have everything changed except that I cannot figure out which element or tags are the ones I need to change to adjust the background-color of the footer element when the page is in the narrower/smaller resolution. I am using the latest version of the-bootstrap and 3.5.1 of WordPress. The link to my test site is http://www.roadworksmfg.com/rwtrial. You can see that if you narrow the page in your browser the footer retains the blue color in Firefox and Chrome but in IE and in my Droid phone and my Kindle the bottom bar is grey and I need it to be the blue.

    By the way. I have used Firebug extensively to help with what I have done so far but I am not able to use it to find the tags I am looking for because when I narrow my browser window, Firebug only sees the overlying code. Anything I should do different with Firebug to make it find this or something like it in the future?


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