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  • Hi,

    I’ve done some changes to the image in the header of my theme. How do I get the new header image into my site?

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  • should be in the style sheet… could depend on the theme. What theme are you using?

    I’m using Green Theme 1.0 by Kasper Solberg.

    The header image is located in the img directory of the theme…it’s called front.jpg as you can see at the link below:

    Just name your header image front.jpg and replace the default file with yours…make sure your image is 760px x 175px for best results without having to adjust the css.

    ^that’s probably the easiest way but not always fool proof when or if there’s updates.

    @svsdnb True, there are lots of ways to do things…if you have a better way, please post so people will have options.

    Not to say this is better… just preference…

    find #header

    should be a line under that, that says..

    background:url(img/front.jpg) no-repeat;

    drop your new image in the img folder and rename the call according to your file name..

    background:url(img/yournewheader.jpg) no-repeat;

    But if you don’t know CSS all that well just do as Figaro has suggested. It’s probably the easiest solution.

    I’m very new to WordPress and working with themes…please excuse my dumb question but how exactly do I replace the default file with my own?

    I just tried to use an ftp program to find the right area to upload my new image/or replace the default file with my own…I’ve gotten as far as wp-content/themes/green-theme/img but don’t see exactly where to place my file. By default do you mean the header.php file?

    What I’ve done so far is save the old header image to my desktop, made the changes and now have the new image saved on my desktop.

    Hi svsdnb,

    I didn’t read your post until after my last confused post was already posted….I’ll give your suggestion a try right now. Thanks for the help!

    you should see your ftp program set up in a split screen, right?

    left side desktop or current local folder, right side is sever side, right?

    take new image, click and hold and drag over to the right into the …green-theme/img directory (folder). that should prompt your for permission to overwrite the file and update with the new version.

    Okay, go here with your ftp program:


    You should see a file called: front.jpg

    Delete it.

    Name your file front.jpg (assuming it’s a jpg image that you made?)

    Upload your file in the same place where you deleted the original one.

    Refresh you site…

    It works! Thanks guys!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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